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I am a book lover. I don’t read books I eat them. Okay, well at least I devour them. My friends, knowing my addiction love of books have hooked me up with a couple of fabulously enabling tools. The first is a website called Goodreads. It’s a great site where you can review books you’ve read, say what you’re reading next. I can’t wait to spend hours on it… but I’d kinda rather be reading.  Still!  My bookclub hooked me up with that one.

My friend (thanks Amy) told me about another FABULOUS tool called, Read, Remember, Recommend and it is super cool. It feeds my love of paper. I write in it what I’ve read, books that have been recommended to me, those I hated, and those I want to remember to recommend to others.  If you love books and colored-coded tabs in fit-in-your purse size (well, it can’t be a little clutch but it does fit in my purse), you gotta have this.

I’m weirdly into teen fiction right now and am so excited to get my teen book journal to add to my Read, Remember collection.  I’ve actually become good friends with the creator of Read, Remember, Recommend and she’s pretty super cool herself. She’s probably wondering when I’m going to return the seven books she lent me. Soon! I promise!

Just so you know, I’m getting no kick-backs for recommending these to you.  Not that I’m above kick-backs, in fact I like them very much.  Whaddya say goodreads, bibliopages… got any free stuff for me?  But it seems important to say I’m not getting bribed to gush on about these – it’s genuine, straight-from-my-heart, gush.

I am sadly, fresh out of good book recommendations.  I love to just go to the library and judge books by their covers but I’ve been burned so many times (boring books, make-me-blush books, idiot-author books) that I prefer a friend-recommended book.  Got any?  Have you ever been burned?  I’ve been known to throw bad books across the room – anyone else that crazy?

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  • My life has changed ever since I began allowing myself to STOP reading books I wasn’t liking. Before, I thought I’d always feel guilty for making it through 50, 100 pages–even halfway–and then just stopping, with nothing accomplished, but now, I’m just glad I have more time to read another. And, in fact, I think saying “I couldn’t even MAKE it through that one!” is a more effective review than “Yeah, I read it; it was nice.”

    Before I had this stop-if-you’re-not liking-it revelation, I finished many bad books, and YES–I threw “Valley of the Dolls” across the room after I read the last words, then got up and smushed it into the trash. I am as crazy as you!

    I just finished “My Life in France,” a book by Julia Child detailing how she first began loving cooking, while she was (you guessed it) living in France. Absolutely wonderful. It’ll make you hungry, though!

  • I read a book a couple of weeks ago that was so boring, I feel asleep EVERY time I read it but I KEPT reading it. It wasn’t even a text book. It was a murder mystery! Sheesh. I need to take a lesson from you Genevieve and STOP already. I’m pretty good about stopping when it’s a bad author or a book that makes me blush but when it’s boring I just keep thinking… any page now, this is going to get good… but no.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll defintely get “My Life in France.”

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