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Can I Leave Vinegar In Toilet Overnight?

Many people clean their toilets with vinegar as it’s an excellent organic alternative to regular chemical cleaners. However, there are times when you might forget the vinegar in your toilet, which can lead you to worry, but can vinegar damage your toilet if left in overnight, or can you rest easy? 

Vinegar will not damage your toilet in any way if it’s left in your toilet overnight. Regardless of your toilet’s material, the vinegar is not strong enough to damage the toilet or the toilet’s plumbing. So, you can leave the vinegar in your toilets overnight without worry.

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This article will cover all there is to know about leaving vinegar in your toilet overnight and why you might want to do this if you have a serious problem with grime and stains in your toilet, so keep reading!

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Can You Leave Vinegar In Your Toilet Overnight? 

Cleaning toilets is not the best part of cleaning your home. Many people despise cleaning their toilets as it’s seen as dirty and germ-riddled areas, but toilets need to be cleaned regularly to help keep you healthy and safe from those germs. 

Many people use vinegar as a cleaning supply as it’s an excellent organic alternative to modern chemical cleaners. You can even use vinegar to clean your toilet and disinfect it, as vinegar will kill all the harmful germs in the toilet. 

However, you might forget the vinegar in your toilet overnight, which could cause concern for your toilet’s safety. So, is leaving vinegar in your toilet overnight safe, or will it damage your toilet? 

Even though vinegar can be used as a cleaning supply and disinfect your toilet, it will not damage your toilet if you forget it in your toilet overnight. Vinegar is considered a mild cleaner and should not cause any harm to your toilet if left overnight. 

Why You Should Clean Your Toilet With Vinegar Overnight

As mentioned, many people use vinegar to help keep their homes clean and disinfected, but it’s recommended to use vinegar to help clean your toilets. Vinegar has many other benefits besides keeping your toilet clean, and you could find these benefits useful in your home. 

Let’s go through why you should use vinegar in your toilets and why you might need to leave the vinegar in your toilet overnight. 

Vinegar Can Help Unclog The Toilet

Vinegar can help unclog your toilet if you have a semi-clogged toilet that is slowing down the flow in the toilet, requiring you to use several flushes to get the job done. This is annoying, as the toilet is not fully clogged, and calling a plumber out for a semi-clogged toilet can be expensive.

For this reason, many people will live with a semi-clogged toilet until it’s fully clogged, but there is no need to struggle with this, as you can use vinegar to help unclog the toilet. You will need some baking soda for it to work efficiently, but it does work. 

If the clog seems worse than expected, you can leave the vinegar and baking soda in your toilet overnight.  

Vinegar Can Clean Stubborn Grime From The Toilet

Vinegar can help clean stubborn grime and stains from your toilet. If you haven’t cleaned your toilet for a while or moved into a new place where the toilet hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, and there is grime and dirt caked in the toilet, you don’t need to panic. 

Vinegar can be your friend in these situations, and as vinegar is a disinfectant, there’s no need to worry about germs once the toilet has been cleaned. You can scrub your toilet with vinegar, flush it, and then pour some more vinegar into the toilet and scrub again. 

Then leave the second round of vinegar in the toilet overnight to attack the grime and stains left in the toilet. In the morning, you can re-scrub the toilet, and the grime should easily come off the sides of the toilet. Flush the toilet again and repeat this process until the grime and stains are gone. 

Will Vinegar Damage Porcelain Toilets If Left Overnight? 

If you have a porcelain toilet, you might be worried about leaving vinegar in your toilet overnight, as porcelain is slightly more sensitive than other toilet materials. So, will vinegar damage your porcelain toilet if left in the toilet overnight? 

Leaving vinegar in your porcelain toilet overnight will not damage the toilet’s porcelain in any way. Vinegar is considered a mild cleaner, like an all-purpose cleaner, and will not be strong enough to cause any damage to your porcelain toilet if left in the toilet overnight. 

Will Vinegar Damage Your Toilets Plumbing? 

One concern many people have when using vinegar in toilets is the toilet’s plumbing. There are concerns that the vinegar can cause damage to the piping and plumbing of the toilet due to the vinegar’s acidity. 

This concern is not something you should have, as the vinegar will not damage the toilet plumbing, no matter how long you leave the vinegar in the toilet. The vinegar is not acidic enough to eat through the piping or damage the pipe connections. So, you can rest easy when leaving vinegar in your toilet overnight. 

Can You Clean Toilet Tanks With Vinegar Overnight? 

Toilet bowls are not the only part of your toilet that you can clean with vinegar. You can also clean your toilet tank with vinegar, and leaving it in the tank overnight is recommended for the best results. Let’s go through the steps you should follow to clean your toilet tank with vinegar overnight. 

Drain The Toilet Tank

The first thing you will need to do for this cleaning process is to drain the toilet tank. Turn off the toilet water at the wall using the lever connected to the toilet’s water pipe. Then flush the toilet to ensure the tank is completely drained of water. 

Pour Water And Vinegar Into The Toilet Tank 

Once the toilet tank has been drained, fill the tanks with fresh and clean water until the tank is half full. Then fill the rest of the toilet tank with vinegar. Ensure there is enough liquid in the toilet tank to cover the overflow valve in the toilet tank. 

Let It Sit For 12 Hours 

Leave the vinegar and water mixture in the toilet tank for 12 hours without flushing the toilet. This is why this cleaning process is best done overnight, as you are less likely to need the bathroom throughout the night than during the day. 

Scrub The Tank

Once the 12 hours have passed, you will need to open the toilet tank and use a sponge to scrub the inside of the tank. Be sure to scrub all the tank pieces inside the tank that allow the toilet to work. This will ensure the tank is spotless, which will help keep the toilet bowl cleaner for longer. 

Let The Tank Fill Up And Flush 

Once you have scrubbed the toilet tank, you need to flush the toilet. This will get rid of all the dirty water in the tank. Then turn the toilet’s water back on with the lever and allow the tank to fill as usual. Once the tank is filled again, flush the toilet again to give the tank a rinse. Your toilet tank is now lovely and clean. 


Vinegar will not damage your toilet in any way if it’s left in your toilet overnight. In some cases, leaving the vinegar in your toilet overnight is recommended to get the best cleaning results. No matter what material your toilet is made from, the vinegar will not damage your toilet. So, you can clean your toilet with vinegar worry-free!

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