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Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Celebrating Valentine’s day after you become a parent looks a lot different than it did before you had kids. After kids, your priorities change and usually, this includes how you spend your money. If you find yourself longing to celebrate this romantic holiday, but also hoping to have Valentine’s day on a budget, check out these tips for a lovely, but inexpensive Valentine’s day.

Valentine's Day on a budget

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Trade Babysitting

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A nice dinner out for Valentine’s day is a romantic way to celebrate the holiday. The dinner may be in your budget, but did you consider the cost of hiring a babysitter? That can really add up! To save money on childcare, swap babysitting with a friend! Set up a plan where you and your date go out and she watches the kids and then you return the favor the following week. This doesn’t have to be limited to Valentine’s day. You could set this up as a regular arrangement so you and your friend both get some free time away from the kids.

Eat Earlier

save money on Valentine's day

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Instead of heading out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, have a meal earlier in the day. Brunch and lunch are typically much cheaper than dinner, plus the restaurants will be less crowded. If you have children in school, you and your special someone can even sneak out for lunch and you won’t even need to pay a babysitter!

Find a Coupon

Check out the coupon packs that come in the mail or head online to search out Valentine’s day specials! Many businesses are looking to take advantage of the surge of customers for the holiday and they will be offering deals. Don’t just limit yourself to dinner either! There are plenty of deals on Groupon for couples massages, winery tours, museum passes, and more!

Skip the Card

Valentine's Day on a budget

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A simple way to save upwards of ten dollars this Valentine’s Day is to skip the card. Unless you are sentimental and save all of your greeting cards from your sweetheart, those cards probably just end up in the trash. So, skip the card this year.

Write it Out

Instead of buying a card, take the time to write out in your own words how much you love your spouse. The words will mean so much more and cost so much less!

Stay In

The best way to stay on budget this Valentine’s day is to stay in! There are plenty of ways to enjoy this romantic holiday in your very own home. Order take out, cook a meal together, snuggle up on the couch for a romantic movie, or your wedding video. For more ideas, check out this post.

Just because you aren’t planning on spending a lot on this year’s Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a romantic date with each other. The most important thing is to set aside time to prioritize your relationship, focus on each other, and enjoy your time together.

Valentine's Day on a budget

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