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St Patricks Day Bingo Game Free Printable Bingo Cards and Calling Cards

Free St Patricks Day Bingo printable cards for kids to play and have fun with during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

St. Patrick's Day Bingo Game

St. Patrick’s Day is just about here and while it is still a few days away, my daughter and I have started planning the activities for her class party.

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Ever since we did the Halloween Bingo, bingo is probably one of the most popular games her entire class likes to play. Even though we did the Halloween theme when she was younger, she and her classmates have grown up together in the same classes all these years and still enjoy a good game of bingo.

Now that she’s in 6th grade, I figured at the age they are, they’re starting to grow out of the bingo phase and after this year activities will start to get a little trickier to plan.

I still have no idea on what we will be doing for activities as they go into middle school, but I know we can figure something out between now and then.

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Printable

This printable includes 10 bingo cards and the respective calling cards so that a small group of people can each have a bingo card. The calling cards included are so that the teacher or parent and call out the cards to see who can make a bingo first.

How To Play:

  • Each player gets one bingo card.
  • The freebie spots are free and everyone gets that space automatically.
  • Kids can use candy or other fun items to keep track of the called bingo spaces as they are called.

Download the St. Patricks Day Bingo Cards Here

Free St Patricks Day Bingo Cards

Have fun with this St Patricks Day Bingo game!

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