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Changing Your Mind About Clutter

changing your mind about clutter

This week I’m going to talk about changing the way you look or think about organizing your life.  I’m very much a “glass is half full” kind of person.  Call it the silver lining or lemonade, whatever it is, it’s looking at the world through new eyes.  Today’s topic is about clutter in your house.

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old couchWhen you look around your house do you see great grandma’s couch?  A good friend’s painting?  Or do you see the couch that doesn’t really go with the room, and a painting that is cluttering up your wall.  You need to change the way you look at the things in your house.  Even things that are sentimental could be keeping your house from running efficiently!

Are you guilty of saying “That item has been in the family for YEARS!”  I’m here to say… SO WHAT!  We had a couch in our house that we hated.  The couch belonged to my great grandmother’s… but no one else in the family wanted it either!  So we got rid of it.  Some people in the family were a little upset, but we said… did you want the couch?  They would say no, so we said then you can’t be upset!  Sometimes it’s hard to let go of sentimental things, but lets look at your clutter another way…

pile of shoes

When you reach in the drawer to your kitchen and you end up spending 5 minutes digging through the drawer past a ton of other things that you rarely or don’t use simply because they were wedding presents, you are not being efficient!  That 5 minutes every day can sure add up to a lot of time.  Especially when you add it together with the 5 minutes it takes you to find your keys every day, and the 10 minutes you take to find the match to your shoe… Declutter your house!

Get rid of the things that are keeping you from running every day smoothly, even if those things have sentimental value.  Take a picture of the couch, and move on.  The picture will be there for the sentimental reasons, and you can even store the picture on your hard drive so it takes up even LESS space!

stressed out mom on a couch

So today’s mind change is to look at the things in your house as preventing you from running efficently and not as Great Grandma’s Couch.


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