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Changing Your Mind About Emergency Preparedness

CAFiresSince I did not get to continue this series last week due to illness, I’m continuing it now.  Many people find getting prepared to be an overwhelming task to undertake.  If you look at it like this giant thing you have to do then yes it will seem extremely overwhelming, but if you take it one step at a time I promise it is manageable!  The best way to accomplish this is to create a plan, and make sure you have deadlines for very small items.  Let me explain further…

First sit down and figure out each type of disaster that can occur in your area.  Don’t forget about personal disasters like unemployment, medical problems, death, etc.  We are in a flood zone, and my Sister is very concerned about flooding this year due to all the snow we have had.  Once those mountains start to melt it will all come down to the valley (where we live).  I promise Amy, I’ll touch on floods next week.

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Now that you understand everything that can happen to your home/family then write down the supplies you would need in each scenario.  Some may be duplicates.  If you do have a duplicate put a star by the item so you know that you’ve already covered that item somewhere else (don’t put a star by it the first time you write it down, just one on the duplicates). 

Next you will put a plan into place on purchasing all the items necessary.  This plan could span 1, 2 or many years.  The point is to aquire the items according to your budget.  You may even put space in the plan to save for some of the more expensive items.  In your plan you should also place evacuation procedures (that I’ve already discussed).  Keep the plan in a notebook or on your computer (if you hate paper like some people I know.. :))  When you purchase or accomplish tasks on your plan you can cross that off and know that you are one step closer to being prepared for anything that comes your way!

So don’t think of it as some big overwhelming project… think of it as creating a plan for being prepared in small chunks!

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