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67+ Festive Christmas Party Themes For Home or Office

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are nearly here, and it is time to start brainstorming your holiday party theme ideas. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas Eve dinner or just hosting some holiday drinks for neighbors, these Christmas party themes will have everyone feeling merry in no time.

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group of inter-racial friends sitting on couch in holiday sweaters laughing while drinking alcoholic beverages
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If you’re planning to host a Christmas party this year, you may be looking for ways to make it more interesting than the typical cookies-and-punch get-together.

65+ of the Best Holiday Party Themes

One way of creating some entertainment for your guests is to host a celebration with a Christmas theme! And there are a lot of ideas that go beyond the standard “tree trimming” party. Just try one of these suggestions below!

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These holiday party themes would also work well for a winter retirement party as well.

It’s the season for giving: parties with a purpose

If you’re hosting a Christmas Eve dinner, why not turn it into a charitable event? You can donate all leftovers to a nearby homeless shelter, or offer drinks that are half price, with the profits going towards a charity of your choice.

If you’re hosting a holiday party consider asking your guests to bring a small wrapped present a family who is less fortunate, or a unwrapped toy to be donated to Toys for Tots. This will make for a really heart-warming occasion!

Care packages for the homeless theme

You can also skip the traditional holiday party and come together to make care packages for the homeless. This brings those you love together in the holiday spirit and helps you spend time together while helping your community.

You could then travel around the city and pass them out, or give everyone a few completed ones to keep in their car for when they see someone in need.

For children: Kid-Friendly Party themes

kids wearing santa hats in front of a decorated gingerbread house eating snowman lollipop and blowing on holiday blowers

Christmas is a time for family, friends and fun. Kids are the perfect excuse to get into the holiday spirit with some festive parties! And while it’s easy enough to throw together something that will please adults, what should you do if kids are coming? You need party themes that everyone can enjoy!

We’ve listed some below in this post, but you can also check out all of our top Kid-Friendly Christmas Party Themes and Christmas Activities for Kids.

Santa’s Workshop Christmas Party for Families

A Santa’s Workshop Christmas Party for Families is a great way to get the kids in on the holiday spirit. In addition to all of the usual party staples, this theme would have Christmas-themed crafts on hand, such as ornaments and gingerbread houses. There would also be some magic from what they think is really Saint Nick himself- a visit from Santa!

Kids could also get in the spirit of charity and become elves themselves and make holiday cards or craft kits to be donated to local children’s hospitals.

Get Ritz: Dress for the occasion

Everyone loves an excuse to get dressed to the nines, and a fancy Christmas Cocktail or Dinner party is the perfect event to dress for. Invite your friends over for dinner and dancing to your favorite Spotify playlist, or plays party games while dressed in formal attire for some added fun!

Winter Wonderland Party

Cover your party room like Elsa did to Arendelle and create a white and blue Winter Wonderland. Serve treats with a snow theme, and cocktails to chase away the winter chill.

Christmas Sweets

This fun dessert-themed party is perfect for a small or large group of friends. All you need to do is create an inviting atmosphere with festive tableware, tasty treats and plenty of sparkle .

For this theme, you could try having a candy bar with various candies, cookies and holiday desserts!

Christmas caroling party theme

This is another great idea for your friends who enjoy signing Christmas carols ! You can either hire a professional to come and play piano or guitar while you all sing, or even provide some extra incentive by giving out prizes such as wine bottles from an old vineyard.

Breakfast with Santa Claus/ Pancakes & Pajamas

For this theme, you will need to invite your friends over for a breakfast on Christmas morning or any other day around the holiday! All of the food on the table should be festive and traditional including pancakes, bacon, eggs and coffee.

You can even have some adults dress up as elves or reindeer if they would like too! Bonus if you can get someone to dress as Santa for the kids in attendance!

Merry Christmas to all: Party themes that work for everyone

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

For this party theme, you will need a white elephant or secret santa gift exchange! This is the perfect opportunity to buy fun gifts for all of your friends who attend the Christmas Party.

Make sure each person brings one wrapped gift with their name on it so that they can be placed in the center of a table.

Pro hosting tip: Grab a few extra gifts in case someone forgets!

Christmas Dinner & a Movie

This casual party combines two favorite holiday traditions—eating and watching movies! You can watch a holiday classic for this theme party while eating traditional holiday foods such as turkey, potatoes, and cranberry sauce.

Scandinavian Christmas

asian woman and black man cheers champagne glasses while wearing nordic holiday sweaters with a scandinvian vibe background of rustic decor

Make the most of this rustic and minimalistic trend and host a hygge-ful holiday get-together. Decor can be nature-focused, with comfort at the center. We are thinking stories by the fireplace, lots of cozy nooks for conversations, and spiced drinks to keep you warm for some stargazing.

Christmas Trivia & Game Night

Who knows the most about St. Nick? When was the Night Before Christmas actually written? Test your friends on their holiday knowledge with a drink-filled trivia night with holiday-inspired questions and prizes for the winners!

Or try some of these Christmas Word Games & Brainbenders!

Ornament Swap Party Theme

This wonderful theme requires that you invite your friends over for an ornament swap!

You can either give everyone a particular color theme to follow for the party, such as black and white or red, or have them bring an ornament of their choice. Once everyone has arrived at the Christmas Party, you can all sit around a table and take turns opening one ornament per person.

You can use this fun gift swap game to make it more entertaining and a surprise for which ornament you will end up with!

Christmas Movie Party

Plan a Christmas movie party by playing traditional Christmas films on your TV. Good choices include “A Christmas Carol,” “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and “Miracle on 34th Street.”

If you want to make the party even more interesting, ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite Christmas movie characters, like Scrooge or Rudolph.

Food suggestions: Create themed dishes by renaming your favorite foods, like “Scrooge Soup” or “Frosty Ice Cream.”

Christmas Cocktails Theme

three martini glasses with different drinks in front of a decorated christmas tree giving off a christmas cocktail party vibe

Let the liquor be the star of this party, and make it a night full of holiday cocktails! Hire a bartender to teach your guests how to make specialty Christmas drinks before enjoying them, or have a fleet of alcoholic holiday drinks on hand for testing and rating.

Try some of these delicious Christmas cocktail recipes—there is something for everyone on there!

Be sure to also include non-alcoholic holiday drinks or Christmas mocktails to let guests who prefer not to drink enjoy themselves as well!

Elegant Holiday Party Theme Ideas

Christmas spa day party theme

Treat those that love the luxury of a spa day with holiday-themed day of relaxation. You can go to a spa for the party or host an in-home spa party. Serve wintery drinks, food, and desserts and bring in a masseuse or use footbaths for a special treat.

You can also craft some of the spa treatments yourself to save money!


Since the ballet The Nutcracker takes place on Christmas, it is the perfect party theme and lends itself well to elegant decor with a magical twist.

Have the ballet soundtrack as background music, and be sure to have plenty of appetizers and wine on hand.

Christmas in Paris

Stick to a Black and White, or Black/Gold theme for this party, and use simple materials to bring the city of Paris to your living room or party space.

Serve champagne and hors d’oeuvres of course!

Host a Christmas Tea

christmas tea set on a table with holiday tableware, gingerbread cookies and snowman decoration

Holiday tea is a great party theme for assisted living facilities and small offices, or invite your family and friends for a mid-day tea or brunch leading up to the holiday season.

Poinsettias and plaid make excellent holiday party decor, and tea settings can be rented or purchased for cheap from thrift stores and garage sales.

Adult Only Holiday Party: Hire a Sitter for These Grown Ups

If fancy is your goal, then spare no expense and make it adult-only by providing the babysitter(s) for families invited.

Host a kid’s Christmas movie night in a separate room or location, and hire sitters who will ensure the kids have a great time, leaving the parents to fully enjoy their party as well.

man and woman pose for a photo with champagne and glasses wearing fancy holiday attire with white sparkly background

More Home and Office Christmas Party Themes

These are some of my favorite things party theme

Bring out all of the best things from the holidays to this party that takes its names from the classic holiday song.

A favorite things party would be a great office Christmas party theme as well—have each employee decorate their area with their favorite part of the holidays and have a contest to see who has the best-dressed cubicle!

man and woman take selfie at the workplace while wearing santa hats and drinking champagne with coworkers in background

Candy Cane Party for Work or Home

Candy canes are a holiday staple and are easy to use for party inspiration.

For a candy cane party, decorate the whole house with red and white striped streamers or cutouts. You can also make your own peppermint-flavored treats such as chocolate chip cookies!

Prepare peppermint cocktails and hand out peppermint fudge or other treats as party favors.

Light the lights party theme

Add a little flair to this traditional office holiday party theme by decorating the room with lights that will be “lit” when it’s time to open presents or for the party to begin!

You can set up a few separate stations where you have different types of light-up decorations. This is a great theme for a small family Christmas party or a child’s holiday party.

Christmas Dinner Party Theme

For this office holiday party idea, you can either hire a caterer to come in and prepare the food, order catering from somewhere local that offers delivery services, or even try your hand at cooking some delicious homemade dishes!

Or treat your office to a nice restaurant to get off-site for a holiday gathering.

Casual Christmas Party Themes Everyone Will Enjoy

Ask your guests to each bring one type of favorite cookie – about a dozen or more. Once everyone arrives, swap and exchange cookies so that everyone goes home with a dozen new types of cookies! This is a great way for people to do their Christmas baking without having to bake multiple types of cookies or treats.

Food suggestions: Serve some of the cookies your guests bring so that everyone gets to “sample” them!

Gift-Wrapping Party

Have your guests bring any gifts they need to wrap, plus the usual accessories like wrapping paper, ribbon, bows and name tags. Wrap your gifts while you socialize and sip hot chocolate. Everyone hates to wrap gifts at the last minute, so plan a party where they can get this chore finished – and have fun at the same time!

Food suggestions: Stick with easy-to-eat finger foods that won’t create a mess on wrapping paper and bows.

Ornament-Crafting Party

Got a lot of crafty folks in your family? Host an ornament-crafting party. There are a variety of options: the salt dough ornament, an origami ornament, a painted glass ornament or a yarn ornament. You can even buy simple kits that will allow non-crafty people to join the fun.

Food suggestions: Decorate cookies to look like Christmas tree ornaments, or draw ornaments on the top of cupcakes or brownies.

Christmas Music Party

group of asian friends in santa hats toasting beer bottles with one man playing guitar

Ask any musical guests to bring along their instruments, whether it’s a harmonica, guitar, or just their voice! Spend the evening singing Christmas carols and playing traditional Christmas tunes. It’s a great way for musical folks to showcase their talents!

Food suggestions: Playing an instrument can work up a thirst, so provide plenty of drinks. If you serve alcoholic beverages, you may end up with a Karaoke party, too!

Other relaxed holiday themes include:

  • Hawaiian Luau Christmas Party
  • Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Gingerbread Man Christmas Party Theme
  • Gingerbread house competition theme
  • Elf themed party
Family playing holiday charades in a living room during a family christmas party

School Christmas Party Themes

Looking for ideas for a school holiday party? Try one of these fun themes!

  • Holiday Feast with food from around the world
  • Penguins in Pajamas
  • Frosty’s Snow Day
  • Santa’s Workshop
  • The Polar Express

We have tons of Kids Christmas Printables and Elementary Christmas Worksheets to use for the holidays too!

Funny Christmas Party Themes

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

friends wearing ugly christmas sweaters drinking variety of drinks and laughing at a bar

Truly a crowd favorite! See who can find the best (and by best we definitely mean worst) Christms sweater or outfit to wear to the party. This type of party tends to be laid back with lots of laughs, so have some drinks and a casual food/treats table on hand, and some fun Christmas party games to play as well!

Unusual Christmas Movies Party

Not a fan of the traditional Christmas films? Plan a “non-traditional” Christmas movie party with films like “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis, “Edward Scissorhands” with Johnny Depp, and “Reindeer Games” with Ben Affleck. They may not be your typical Christmas films, but they’re great fun!

Naughty or Nice?

Have party guests dress as something that is EITHER Naughty or Nice. For example, The Grinch (pre extra large heart) or Mrs. Claus (very nice). However, it doesn’t have to be Christmas related!

Guests might show up as Cruella deVille, an Ax Murderer, Playboy Bunny, etc for Naughty, or a Nun, Angel, Preschool Teacher, or Charity Worker for Nice!

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Follow the ideas of a Secret Santa party, but make it hilarious with white elephant gifts instead! Use a gift passing game to make it a mystery what everyone will end up with!

Dress as Your Partner for a Holiday Party: How would your partner dress for a holiday get-together? That is the question this party host wants to know! While the traditional dress as your partner party is always a fun one, this puts a festive spin on it so we can see some great clothing exchanges for ugly sweaters, sequined dresses, or holiday ties.

Reindeer Games: Invite friends over for a night of goofy or minute-to-win-it type games, and include classic party favorites to special holiday party games as well!

Worst Gingerbread House Contest

Get creative and let everyone feel comfortable despite limited artistic skills and host a Worst Gingerbread House Contest.

Make rules limiting materials, requiring strange ingredients (try popcorn, vegetables or other random food ideas), or add a challenge component and have guests decorate them blindfolded or acting as the hands for their partner.

It is sure to create tons of laughter while you all spend time together!

You could also do a Santa’s Ho Hoedown, a Christmas Competitions party to test your skills or a Down home Christmas party theme!

Holiday Movie Theme Parties

popcorn in wooden bowl with some spilling out in front of a rustic holiday background of evergreen branches and pinecones

One easy way to pick a theme for a holiday party is to based the party on a classic holiday movie.

The following are a few popular holiday movies and party theme ideas:

  • A Christmas Story
  • Miracle On 34th Street
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • Elf
  • Despicable Me
  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  • White Christmas
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • A Christmas Carol
  • The Santa Clause
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas.

You can have decorations to go along with the movie, as well as food and drinks featured in the film for a fun party table. Have people dress up as characters, or just use the theme to guide your Christmas party invitations, decor and party games.

Christmas Dress Up Themes

Speaking of dressing up, these dress up ideas can be incorporated into any party theme above, or made into a stand-alone party theme!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters/Outfits

Mentioned above, this is a great theme for those of you who enjoy wearing ugly sweaters! It requires very little planning and preparation.

All that needs to be done is make sure everyone wears an ugly sweater or holiday themed clothing.

You can even create your own gift exchange by making it mandatory for all guests to bring one gift each (no more than $15).

Dress as your Favorite Present

For this theme, you can either buy a costume online or make one yourself at home depicting your most favorite present you have ever received. There are bound to be lots of creative outfits!

Holiday Pajama Party

The only requirement here is to come dress in your best Xmas Jammies! Give out fun awards for the most unique pjs, and play some games while comfy!

Other Christmas costume party ideas:

  • Dress as your favorite holiday movie character
  • Dress as your favorite holiday tradition
  • Christmas Caroling Party- Dress as classic carolers

To conclude, there are a lot of ways to celebrate the holidays with themed parties at work, home or school. Whether an elegant Nutracker party or an Ugly Christmas Sweater is more your style, choosing a theme makes party planning easy and even more fun! Encourage your guests to dress as their favorite holiday movie character, start a new holiday tradition with your family, or having some fun with your co-workers as you come together to celebrate this holiday season.

More Christmas Party Planning Ideas:

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