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How to Clean a Toilet Like a Pro

There is no doubt that for many of us, cleaning the toilet is one of the most dreaded cleaning chores. But the bathroom is also one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. And one that you want to have cleaned regularly. When guests are coming, no one likes to have a grimy toilet.

It would be nice if a quick swish with toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush left your toilet sparkling clean. But too often, there remains stubborn stains, and a less than sparkling look no matter how hard you scrub. What you need is to learn how to clean a toilet like a pro. Here’s how to do it!

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How to Clean a Toilet Like a Pro

When it comes to how to clean a toilet, we have the pro tips you need to get your toilet nice and clean, quickly and easily.

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What to clean a toilet with

The first step to cleaning your toilet like a pro is gathering all of the necessary supplies. You’ll need the following:

Once you have your supplies on hand you can begin. You may want to keep these supplies in their own caddy for regular use. The more convenient you make your toilet cleaning the more likely it is to happen on a frequent basis.

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How to clean the outside of your toilet.

When you’re cleaning your toilet like a pro you will want to clean it from the outside in.

There are a few simple steps to clean the outside of your toilet. Start by removing everything on or around your toilet. Toilet cleaning can result in splatters of cleaner or toilet water.

Avoid adding extra cleanup to your task by moving anything that sits near the toilet away. Also, remove anything that sits on top of the toilet tank.

I know I said we would be cleaning from the outside in, but now is a good time to add your toilet bowl cleaner to the inside of your toilet bowl. Before adding cleaner, flush the toilet with the lid down.

Then add your choice of cleaner. Get the cleaner as close to the rim of the toilet bowl as possible. Now while you’re cleaning the outside of the toilet, the bowl cleaner will have a chance to sit and work some magic.

Take your multi-purpose cleaner and spray the outside of the toilet from the top down. Include the handle, the tank, the lid, the outside of the bowl, and the area where the toilet meets the floor.

Now scrub everything from the top down with paper towels or cleaning cloths. Working from the top down keeps you from dripping dirty water onto clean areas below you.

Once you’ve cleaned the exterior of the toilet, tackle cleaning the toilet seat. Clean both the top and the bottom of the seat by lifting the lid. Then clean the top of the toilet bowl all the way around.

Last clean the hinges. Some toilets have hinges that open for easier cleaning.

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Cleaning the Toilet Bowl

The toilet bowl should be cleaned from the top down as well. Because you added your toilet bowl cleaner before cleaning the toilet exterior it should have had some time to loosen some of the grime.

Start by cleaning under the rim and work your way down to the hole at the bottom, using your toilet brush as you go.

If your toilet bowl is stained beyond a simple toilet brush wash, there are a few additional measures you can take. You can remove all of the water from the toilet bowl before cleaning to prevent the dilution of cleaning chemicals.

Then, with gloves on, you can apply vinegar-soaked towels to the inside of the toilet bowl and leave them to sit for a couple of hours. When you return and remove the towels, the stains should hopefully have soaked away. Find out more about this method here.

Check Toilet Cleaning Off Your To-Do List

After following these simple steps your toilet should be sparkling clean. I like to flush mine a couple of times to wash down any grime that was scrubbed away. Then throw away any paper towels or wash your cleaning cloths. Return everything in your bathroom to where it was before. And enjoy your clean toilet.

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