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37 Brilliant Activities + Easter Crafts for Seniors

These simple activities and Easter crafts for seniors are a meaningful way to help celebrate Easter with residents in a care facility, in a church group, or with family at home.

collage of easter crafts for seniors and senior doing activities

The freshness of spring and the promises of Easter make it a holiday that is loved by all, from children all the way up to elderly individuals.

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By arranging fun Easter activities and using these easy Easter craft ideas for seniors, we can help brighten up rooms, halls, and homes, while bringing the renewing spirit of the holiday to all who participate.

senior woman arranging flowers in a vase

Whether you are arranging crafts for seniors in an assisted living facility, or are looking for ideas for crafts to do with grandchildren, these Easter decorations and craft activities are fun to make and most only require just a few simple materials.

For more ideas on how to celebrate holidays in general if someone you love is in a nursing home or care facility, check out this post.

Be sure to read all the down for Easter activitiy ideas for seniors as well, to ensure a special holiday for all!


Chicken Pillows

These chicken pillows are simple to make, and loved by all!

Easter Activities for Seniors

The current situation of the last year has many seniors—if not most—much more isolated than previous years, and unable to celebrate with loved ones in ways they are accustomed to.

Planning fun Easter activities, such as games, trivia, and religious opportunities, ensures that they are able to take part in the joy of the holiday, despite their distance or situation.

Here are some great activities for seniors at Easter that are ideal for all, including those with dementia, mobility issues, religious preferences.

Easter Games for the Elderly

seniors playing bingo and caregiver helping senior with craft

Easter Bingo

Bingo is a favorite of many seniors, so why not make it a special event with adorable Easter Bingo Cards for Seniors.

They have lots of Easter-themed graphics to spur discussion and remembrance of holidays past, from religious icons to the Easter Bunny, chicks, eggs and other fun memories from childhood.

Easter Egg Hunt

A little competition is great for everyone—no matter their age! There are two ways to make an Easter egg hunt for seniors a smashing success: having the seniors hunt for eggs themselves, or having them prepare a hunt and watch children complete the hunt.

Senior Focused Egg Hunt

seniors doing an easter egg hunt and happily showing off their easter eggs

Bring on the baskets and have seniors complete an indoor or outdoor egg hunt using traditional methods, or spice it up by placing eggs filled with special items or prizes in locations that are easily accessed while still providing a bit of a challenge.

For elderly patients with limited mobility, try setting up a virtual egg hunt, where residents can try to located eggs hidden in a picture on a large screen, or other virtual memory game using Easter icons.

There are quite a few virtual egg hunts on YouTube, however, we like how bright and vivid the eggs are on this video, and how the video plays slowly compared to some of the other faster hunts.

Have residents call out when they see one, or keep a tally on a paper using a pen or bingo marker.

You can also arrange a Zoom Easter Egg Hunt with family members by having each family hid eggs in their own house, and taking the others on “egg hunt” through their house by bringing their phone or computer from room too room to scan for eggs.

Child Egg Hunt (Planned by or for the entertainment of seniors)

If visits are permitted and can be accomplished safely, consider hosting an egg hunt for children or grandchildren from the residents’ families.

The elderly individuals can participate in a variety of ways:

Real, plastic or even paper eggs made out of construction paper can all be used in the hunt, making it cheap and allergy friendly for all involved!

Easter Trivia

Trivia is a wonderful activity to help keep the mind sharp and gives seniors the chance to show off their knowledge with friends and neighbors.

An Easter trivia event can be tailored to the facilities needs and setup, as well as the religious preferences of individuals.

senior men seated at table at assisted living facility doing easter trivia

Hosting a group trivia event with paddles and prizes is a fun way to gather, or printed trivia and other Easter quizzes could be passed out to bedridden residents for a unit wide trivia competition.

Easter Pictionary

Break out the white board and host a small game of Pictionary, with all of the items revolving around the holiday. Who will be the first to guess hot cross buns?

Easter Cake Walk (or Other Special Treat)

A cake walk is an old-fashioned game that always brings a smile to the face! After all, everyone loves a chance to win the ultimate treat.

decorated easter cookies and easter cupcakes

To play a socially distance version of it, have paper easter eggs with numbers located 6 feet apart. As the music plays, each person rotates through the numbers. Whoever is on the number selected wins for that round!

More Easter Activities For Seniors

  1. Easter Wreath Making
  2. Print out Easter Coloring Pages
  3. Decorate Easter Cookies or Cupcakes
  4. Create an Easter Garland or Bouquet
  5. Decorate Easter Eggs by painting wooden ones from the craft or dollar store
  6. Craft Easter cards for loved ones or friends
  7. Attend a virtual Easter church service
  8. Bring baby bunnies and chicks for a miniature petting zoo
  9. Host an Easter Brunch, Lunch, or Easter Tea Party
  10. Create Easter craft packs for children at local hospitals
senior man painting wooden easter eggs

As such a special time for gathering together with family, Easter is also a holiday that can be quite lonely if unable to access celebrations or family to share it with.

By organizing these fun themed activities and Easter crafts for seniors, it can be a joyful season for all!

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