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How to Plan a Springtime Easter Tea Party

Easter is the perfect holiday for a charming pastel or floral English afternoon tea party. Here are tips for lovely decorations, delicious recipes and treats, and more for how to plan the perfect Easter Tea Party.

springtime easter tea party table decor collage

Spring is a time for renewal and the perfect time to invite dear friends over for a charming gathering, just for fun.

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Easter time lends itself to many themes, be they eggs and baskets, religious ideas, or the joy and colors of spring. We are sharing tips and other Easter tea party ideas to help create the perfect setting for spring gatherings.

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Planning a Spring Easter Tea Party


Invitations may be purchased at a party store or online. Scrapbooking supply and craft shops will have plenty of ideas should homemade invitations be desired.

Be sure to let guests know the date of the tea well ahead of time, so they can leave the date free.

Attire may be specified on the invitations. Should guests wear spring dresses and Easter hats, more casual clothes, or something else?

adults enjoying an outdoor spring tea party

Curate the Perect Spring Tea Party Decor & Atmosphere

Pick out music to play. Find nice classical music or burn a CD of favorite Easter or spring-themed songs. A pretty background music album is the soundtrack to the movie Somewhere in Time.

The hostess should plan the menu and any activities well in advance so as to be free to relax and enjoy the party day. Look for make-ahead recipes or find a reliable caterer.

Tea Party Decor can be as casual or fancy as you would like. The theme lends itself perfectly to curating beautiful tablescapes with simple centerpieces, Easter decor, and dainty dishes and servingware.

Decorations for the Tea Table

A spring tea party table is often a collection of various colors, plates and cups, creating an eclectic look. Shop for or hunt around the house for china, teacups, serving items, and other things that can be curated into a classic tea party table.

There are many beautiful seasonal Easter and spring party good in the stores far before the holiday and secondhand shops are a great place to find china and serving pieces that can work for the party.

pastel tea set on an outdoor table

If it is within the budget, it can be fun to buy some special Easter decorations for the front yard for friends to enjoy as they arrive.

A spring party calls for light and cheerful decor. Pastel or bright floral colors are perfect to set the tone, and floral bouquets are the perfect addition to any table decor.

Twisted crepe paper streamers in pink and yellow, orange and yellow, or light green and violet will make a big impact, especially if made into a canopy above the tea table.

vibrant easter table decor for spring tea party

Small bouquets of flowers (low enough to allow for socializing) or nosegays are beautiful too.

Heirloom Easter decorations, such as porcelain bunnies or eggs, vases, or bowls, can bring a vintage look to the table. Older chenille linens often have the same pastel colors and may be used as a covering for a side table or such.

casual table decor and food for tea garden party

Preparing the Tea Party Menu

The best tea party food is lighter fare that can be eaten leisurely over conversation. Scones, Finger sandwiches, cookies and dainty desserts all lend themselves well for the smaller plates of a tea party.

Brunch or a light lunch is also another way to host a morning or afternoon tea party.

finger sandwiches on tiered tray and cake on pedestal at tea party

And of course, serving tea is a must! For the utlimate touch, decant and pour the tea from a fancy teapot as opposed to the one used to brew the tea on the stove.

Be sure to have other beverages and refreshments on hand however—cucumber water, lemonade and coffee are other great options.

Activities for an English Afternoon Tea Party

Bunny Tails in the Basket

A cute game is “Bunny Tails in the Basket.”

The supplies needed are simple: an Easter basket, a bag or two of cotton balls, a blindfold, and a medium to large spoon.

Each guest takes a turn (blind-folded), scooping up (she hopes – it is impossible to tell because of the lightweight) the cotton balls in the spoon and depositing them in the basket.

This usually hilarious as often people are scooping merely air amongst the “oohs” and “aahs” of the folks onlooking. The point is to get the most cotton balls into the basket.

Have a little prize for the winner (maybe some nice Easter soaps or candies).

Kids Activities

If kids are attending, holding an egg hunt with brightly colored dyed eggs and having arts and crafts at a kids’ table is the perfect way to entertain them while the adults catch up.

two children having an easter tea party at a table outside


If the guests are up for a bit of fun, how about a round of croquet? This is a lovely old-fashioned game that most people can easily learn and play.

If the group is not the game-playing type, one more small activity is to tape a little note under someone’s chair. Whoever sits in that chair wins a treat.

Adult Activities and Crafts

Keep the fun going with these Easter-themed activities adults may enjoy and Easter crafts for seniors.

However activities are not always necessary—often times just chatting and eating delicate finger sandwiches and other tea party foods is plenty to do at a party.

By crafting a cute and comfortable atmosphere for your springtime Easter tea party, you will set the stage for a beautiful gathering place for family and friend to reconnect and enjoy spending time together.

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