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How to Set Up a DIY Martini Bar at Home

The art of making a martini can be fascinating to watch at a restaurant. Well, with just a few supplies, a cool diy martini bar can be created in the home, letting you wow your guests in style.

at home martini bar supplies with filled martini glasses and text create the perfect martini bar at home

Whether conjuring images of 007 or simply craving the desire to sip an ice-cold martini, it’s nice to have a proper martini bar set-up.

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It doesn’t cost a lot to stock, and friends and family will be impressed next time they pop over for the holidays, a birthday party, or other social events.

Here are some tips on what one needs when setting up their very own martini bar.

How to Set up a DIY Martini Bar

The Shakers

Use only clean glass or stainless steel cocktail shakers. Aluminum and copper can react with some of the ingredients and leave an unwanted after-taste.

Also, beware of completely cleaning out any soap residue before using. There has been many a martini that has been ruined by soapy suds.

Two Martini glasses with bartender tools in front of gold glitter background

The Rest of the Utensils

Be sure to have a pairing knife, measuring spoons, bar strainer, and stirring rod on hand as well. The same stainless steel or glass rule should apply to those utensils too. Finally, a cutting board, coaster, and set of napkins will keep the bar area and furniture free from undesired ring residue.


Use a sense of imagination when deciding upon the glassware for the martini bar. The cone shape glasses of yesteryear used to be in the neighborhood of 3 ounces.

However, in today’s society, martini glasses are often 7 or 8 ounces. There are also other shapes and sizes as well.

Some people prefer their martini in a shot glass or even a tall highball glass.

Whatever the ultimate decision, just be sure to be consistent. Uniformity is the key when outfitting the martini bar.


dry martini with home martini bar supplies

Great liberty can be taken with martini garnishes as well.

An array of olives stuffed with onions, jalapenos, blue cheese, garlic, and more can make a martini quite exciting. Other people like the classic onion, while others still love the tartness of a baby Gerkin pickle.

Also, don’t forget the citrus. The other common martini garnish is a twist of lemon peel.

Lastly, if the menu calls for some variations of the classic martini (like an apple or strawberry martini), provide fruit that seems to accompany the flavor. Floating a piece of fruit in the glass always makes a nice presentation.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Martini Bar at Home

Keep the glasses cold

There is nothing more refreshing than an Ice cold martini in an Ice cold glass. If hosting a dinner party or holiday celebration, place a few martini glasses in the freezer and allow them to develop a nice frost.

Focus on the Spirits

The base of any good martini bar is both vodka and gin. If one isn’t sure where to put the extra money, this is the place.

Higher quality vodka and gin produces a better quality martini. Martini’s with other bases, such as whisky and bourbon, have also become popular over the past century.

Stocking the bar with high-quality vodka, gin, whisky, and bourbon will keep all of the guests happy.

And never be afraid to ask the owner of the local liquor store what they recommend; they’ll be happy to assist and can give guidance.


Keeping both sweet and dry vermouth on hand is a must. Outside of that, determine the other mixers needed to make the martinis on the menu.

pink fig, thyme and honey martini

Cranberry juice, orange juice, and other pre-made drink mixes such as apple or cosmopolitan are very common.

Having an array of mixers will allow the menu of the martini bar to be quite expansive.

Don’t forget the Ice

Whether shaken or stirred, ice is a major component of the martini. If hosting a party or event, make life easy, and buy a bag of ice.

This will ensure that there won’t be a sudden panicked shortage and also that the quality of ice is good. That’s to say there won’t be any freezer burn or spilled leftovers inside the cube.

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