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A Realistic Cleaning Schedule You Can Stick With

Looking for a realistic cleaning schedule that you can actually stick with? Look no further! Check out our tips for keeping on top of cleaning, broken into daily and weekly tasks. Then simply print out our cleaning schedule and get started!

Daily Tasks:

So that cleaning your home doesn’t become an overwhelming task on the weekends, you’ll need to do some things every day.

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In the mornings, swing through the bedrooms and the bathroom. A few quick tasks will keep these areas looking great. Make the beds, make sure dirty clothes made it to the hamper, and that any toys, books, clutter are put away. In the bathroom, check to make sure the towels are hung up and that the toothbrushes made it back to their holders.

After dinner, work on the kitchen and get your dishes done. Wipe the counters and the table and sweep up the floor. Take the kitchen trash out every day if you have a large family (or if you have stinky trash)!



If you always seem behind on laundry, try to find the time to run one load every day or two. Commit to seeing that through from start to finish making sure to wash, dry, fold, and put away!

Before you hit the sack, take a spin around your living room and pick up any general clutter. Put shoes by the door, hang up any coats or backpacks your kids might have left out, put away toys, and get the throw pillows and blankets back on the couch.

Taking these simple steps daily will do wonders for keeping your house tidy and it will feel so good to come down in the morning to a picked up living room and a clean kitchen.


Some cleaning jobs only need to be done once a week, but that doesn’t mean they all need to be done on the same day. Try to tackle one job a day so you can enjoy your free time on the weekends, instead of cleaning all day!

cleaning bucket

Take a look at your schedule and see what days you might have a little more free time than others. Choose those days for the more time-consuming chores, like the kitchen or bathrooms. On days you have less time, plan on a smaller chore, like emptying the small trashcans throughout the house.


As always, try to get the kids involved! Assign some of these chores to your kids if they are old enough. Teach your kids to make their beds in the mornings, and to put away their laundry and their own toys. Help them get in the habit of daily cleaning and straightening! You’ll be happy for the help and you’ll be instilling good habits in your children.

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