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6 Colorful Spring Crafts for Kids

Now that spring has officially sprung, it’s time to put away the cotton ball snowmen and coffee filter snowflake crafts. And get going on some bright and fun spring crafts instead. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. And the vibrant colors of spring are wonderful for making eye-catching projects kids will love to create. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite spring crafts for kids.

Parenting DIY Spring crafts for Kids

Fun Spring Crafts for Kids

1. Tissue Paper Rainbows

This bright and colorful rainbow craft was a blast to make with my four-year-old daughter. And I love the idea for teaching kids to draw a rainbow by drawing circles on a paper plate and then cutting the plate in half. I also found the suggestion for painting on the glue rather than having little ones squeezing from a bottle to be helpful. It definitely cut down on the glue I had to clean up after craft time.

Because we live in an area that has seen plenty of rain lately, it was fun teaching my kids about rainbows and then making our own. This tissue paper craft is great fun with a preschooler and with some adult assistance also works well for younger toddlers. I can see school age kids enjoying it as well. And they would be able to complete it with minimal supervision.

2. Hanging Easter Artwork

Easter is a holiday my kids look forward to each spring. And every year we do fun Easter crafts to get ready. This year I wanted something we could hang up in the house to decorate. I found the perfect craft in these hanging Easter eggs. And I was able to use some of the leftover tissue paper from our rainbow craft.

This is another craft that can be enjoyed by young children up through school age with age appropriate assistance from an adult. This craft requires a little set up from an adult to paint the egg frame ahead of time. Or an older child with the skills to paint and the patience to wait for it to dry before continuing the craft. But once the paint is dry, the craft is simple and creates a minimal mess.

The end result is beautiful. The tissue through the clear self-laminating pouches has the effect of stained glass. And your kids will be delighted to see their craft hanging up in your home.

3. Spring Blossoms Transient Art

Every spring I love seeing the trees in my yard start to blossom as the weather warms. What could be better for a spring craft than recreating those blossoming trees on paper? This is a great craft for school age kids. I would avoid it with toddlers because of the small pieces.

My kids love when they can make something that looks like real art they might see on someone’s wall. And the addition of a wooden frame certainly does that for this spring blossom craft. The frame isn’t required but it certainly adds a nice touch. I painted the branches for my daughter and then watched her place the blossoms.

I loved the simplicity of this craft. And the result was visually striking and original. I hadn’t tried a craft like this before but will again now that I see how well it turned out.

4. Egg Carton Bug Craft

My appreciation for this craft may come from the fact that, like the craft creator, I have fought an ant invasion of my home every spring for several years. A line of ants in my kitchen is a sure sign of spring. Although not always one I greet with enthusiasm. This craft, on the other hand, is completely charming.

My daughters were delighted with these egg carton bugs. With some newspaper laid down to minimize mess, your child will love painting the egg carton in their preferred bug colors. I use washable paint because no matter how much newspaper I put down the paint always ends up on my walls or the floor. Egg cartons absorb paint well and look very “buggy” when your child is done. The hardest part of the craft for my kids was waiting for them to dry before adding the pipe cleaners for legs and wings.

5. Flower Crown Spring Craft

Making crafts is always fun, but a craft you can wear adds an extra something special to the process. My daughters were both excited when I told them we would be making flower crowns. And they absolutely loved the results. I only hope the paper crowns hold up after the amount of wear they received on their first day. If not, I guess it’s fortunate they are simple to make as I will likely be doing it again soon.

I love that this craft uses supplies I already had on hand. And I was happy the flowers were easy to draw. I am not a natural when it comes to drawing and I didn’t want all of my flowers to be misshapen. Fortunately, they turned out well.

I’ll admit I made a flower crown for myself in addition to helping my girls. If they get to be princesses, then I need a crown to be queen.

6. Marbled Paper Easter Eggs

Although I typically try to avoid super messy crafts, these shaving cream marbled Easter eggs are fun enough to be worth the cleanup. My daughters don’t share my reluctance to make a mess and this craft was a big hit!

This is a great craft for preschoolers and grade school-age kids. My youngest would have tried to eat the shaving cream so she was a spectator for this one. The marbled eggs are gorgeous and fun. And make for a festive Easter decoration.

Fun Spring Crafts

Spring is a great time to shake off the winter doldrums and create something bright and cheerful! These fun spring crafts are a great way to start enjoying a new season and bring some color and fun to your kids’ craft time. I hope you have as much fun making them with your kids as I did with mine. Happy spring!

Parenting DIY Spring crafts for Kids


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