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Fantastic Tips For Your Air Filter

What can be fantastic about an air filter? Learning which kind to buy and when to change them are a few of the fantastic tips for your air filter.

Fantastic Tips About Air Filter Ratings

Air filters come with ratings. One rating scale is the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). This scale runs from 1-16.

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As the Merv number increases so does the amount of pollutants your air filter will filter. Thus, maintaining clean air for you to breath.

A chart with the air filter ratings and comparisons for MERV, MPR, and FPR.

When deciding on which MERV is right for you be sure to consult your owner’s manual for your system first. On average air filters with a MERV between 6-13 should be sufficient for most homes. Filters with MERV ratings above 13 are often seen in places like hospitals.

The MPR rating system was designed by the company 3M and is used with its Filtrete brand filters. Whereas, the FPR (filter performance rating) system was designed by the Home Depot.

Confused yet? Use the chart above to guide you through the various filter ratings and help you choose which is right for your home.

Pleated Air Filter

When looking to find the right filter for your home the pleated filter will be one of your top choices.

Filtrete 14x24x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1900, Healthy Living Ultimate Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 13.81 x 23.81 x 0.78)

These filters cost around $5-$20 a piece. They most likely will have a MERV rating of 7-13 and they will last around 90 days before needing to be replaced.

When To Replace Your Air Filter

On average you’ll want to replace your pleated filter every 90 days. Yet, you may want to replace it more often if you have one of the following circumstances.

If you struggle from allergies or have cats or dogs in your home you will want to change your air filter more often.

Two fluffy cats sitting on the arm and back of a couch.
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Or if you run your system more than 5 hours a day or live in a larger home. These would also be reasons to change out your filter sooner than the 90 days.

Fantastic Tips For Why You Should Change Your Air Filter

There are 3 main reasons why you should consider changing your air filter every 90 days. First, when your system is running efficiently with a clean filter it doesn’t have to work as hard and that saves you money.

Second, with a clean filter your system runs more smoothly and thus extends the life of your system. Third, when your air filter is changed frequently the air quality in your home increases.

I know you all already have too many things in your head to remember and now I’m adding changing your filter to the list. No worries. It’s as simple as setting a reminder in your phone.

You can also write the date of installation right onto the filter. Keep the dimensions of your filter in your phone or on file somewhere to make your life easier when shopping for more. Also, consider buying a years worth at a time.

Now you know! Share these fantastic tips about air filters with your friends and family and wow them with your expertise all while enjoying clean fresh air in your home.

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