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Wine Bottle Organization Ideas

Is there anything better than a nice glass of wine after a hard day at work? Having some bottles on hand is always nice for dinner, guests and celebrations. However, storing and organizing bottles can be tricky! If you need some wine bottle organization here are some options.

wine bottle organization ideas

How to Organize Wine Bottles

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Now, let’s take a look at a few ideas when it comes to organizing your wine bottles.

Shelve Your Wine Bottles

Find a focus wall in your dining room or kitchen and hang a couple of beautiful shelves to hold your to-use bottles. Alternatively, put up the shelves in your pantry or close to wear you keep our ice and/or wine glasses. Whether you are going for decorative or handy, either way wall shelves are a great way to store your wine bottles!

If wall shelves aren’t your think, do a Google search for bookshelves or custom wine shelves that can be not only handy but clever. Drawing attention to your wine storage make for a great hospitality and talking point for any guests that you might have. 

Put Them High

Keeping wine bottles up high and out of the reach of children is always a good idea. Therefore, storing it on the top of a refrigerator or kitchen cabinet is a great idea! Preassembled and easy to assemble metal or wooden wine racks can be set on either of these surfaces easily.

Hanging wine racks also make a great focal point to your kitchen and can often hold wine glasses as well.

Separate Cold Storage

Consider investing in a small wine or mini fridge to keep your excess wine in. They can range in prices from around $100 up to several thousand. The investment may be worth it if you drink wine regularly and/or like it chilled. This will also help cut down on the amount of clutter inside your refrigerator itself.

Wine fridges can be stored inside cupboard spaces, freestanding or even out of site in the pantry. There are also lockable wine fridges on the market if you are worried about underage family members accessing alcohol. Freezer or fridge locks can also be put on ones without a built in lock mechanism, too. 

Get Creative

If you want to get super clever with where you store your unopened wine bottle, then off to Etsy with you! From wine barrel decor to personalized wine holders for countertops, a simple search will be sure to fulfill any ideas you may have. There are even neat pieces that can hide your will bottles in the most eventful ways.

wine bottle organization

If you aren’t able to find what you are seeking on Etsy, use Facebook or Craigslist to fine a local artisan that might be able to help you out. Many carpenters, blacksmiths and masons are happy to help with individualized and unique items by request.

When planning  your idea just make sure you know where you want to keep it and that you will have enough space to accommodate it. 

Additionally, remember to keep your empty wine bottles after consumption. These can be used to make thoughtful gifts or even other forms of wall art. 

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