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Declutter the Kitchen in 4 Simple Steps

If your kitchen always feels cluttered and messy, you may just need to tweak few things to give it a better flow and make it easier to keep clean.  I’ve been working on a few things this week and can’t believe the difference it has made.  Try cleaning out a few key areas and see the difference in your kitchen!

Attention to a few key areas can make your kitchen much tidier!

Declutter the Kitchen in 4 Easy Steps!

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Now, let’s talk about clutter in the kitchen, and where it resides.  Here are four easy steps you can take to declutter your kitchen right now.

Declutter Pots and Pans

How many frying pans do you have?  How many do you really need?  Pans are bulky and hard to store. Eliminating extras can really add some space to your kitchen.  

I have found I only need two.  I keep a deep, large size pan with a lid for main dish cooking and a small 8 inch pan for tasks like scrambling an egg.  That’s all the average cook needs.

If you do find yourself cooking more than that, and do need more pots and pans, consider a storage solution to keep them easy to find (and neat and tidy)

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Declutter Boxed Food Items

This one needs some regular attention.  All those bulky boxed items like granola bars, cereal, pastas, crackers, etc. can make for a messy pantry.  Sort regularly and get rid of expired items.  Keep like items together so family members can find what they want and you can see what you have.  

I just cleaned my pantry and we had 3 boxes of graham crackers.  Every time we went camping, I bought a new one for smores thinking we were out.  Combining partially used boxes gave me a lot of new space.  I also made a “snack basket”.  

Set of 2 Nesting Countertop Baskets - Wooden Organizer Crates for Kitchen, Bathroom, Pantry | For Fruit, Vegetables, Produce, Bread and General Storage Space | Decorative Rustic Wood and Metal Wire

I emptied boxes of granola bars, snack packs, and other favorite snacks into the box.  Now my kids know right where to look for a snack and I eliminated multiple boxes taking up space.

The same goes if you stock boxes on the countertops.

The junk drawer

We all have one and it is not called the “junk drawer” for no reason.  Take 10 minutes and clean out this drawer.

 Throw away unused items.  Use a drawer organizer to give everything in this drawer a home.  Check out this simple DIY drawer dividers!

This will help keep it clean and organized and help avoid more piling of junk. (for more ideas read this If you have 10 minutes you can get more organized today! )

Declutter Kitchen linens

Towels, hot pads, dish cloths, tablecloths.  All these items take up a lot of space.  Take an inventory and decide how many you really need.  

I change my kitchen towel and dish cloth daily and do laundry once a week.  So, I only need 7-8 of each.  I had 15 plus towels.  Tossing extras made my linen drawer neat again and it is much easier to find what I need.

My kitchen is the busiest room in the house!  Everyone congregates there, homework is completed, meals are prepared and eaten, conversations are had.  Keeping it clean and orderly can be a challenge.  

I am working to get it to a place where everything has a home so we can easily keep it tidy and accessible!

There you have it, you are on your way to a clutter free kitchen in just four simple steps.

Don’t forget your countertops!  This is a challenging one, and we have a complete guide to decluttering your kitchen countertops right here!

declutter the kitchen simple steps


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Tuesday 9th of August 2016

BOWLS..... I have an addiction to bowls.....old Pyrex bowls, pretty serving bowls....ADDICTED!!! ...... So My kitchen is cluttered with bowls and I can't let them go.... Think there is a support group?

Eliece Jenkins

Thursday 11th of August 2016

Ha ha! I'm thinking I could also add tupperware containers. That's my addiction! Ahhh!