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DIY Thanksgiving Table Settings Using Kraft Paper

If you are hosting Thanksgiving then you have table settings on your mind. Let us help with these DIY Thanksgiving table settings using kraft paper!

Ah, kraft paper (aka brown wrapping paper at my house). You can buy kraft paper at your local craft store or online at places like Amazon. My most favorite place to buy kraft paper is from the dollar store. Its sold with the shipping supplies and I can get a roll for, well, a buck! Depending on which DIY you choose you may want a wider size kraft paper to cover a whole table or purchase pre cut placemat sized paper.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas with Kraft Paper

Brown Kraft Paper Roll - 18

Get it!

Thanksgiving Thankful Table Setting

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This find is for purchase on etsy but think how easily this can become a DIY project. All you’ll need is your kraft paper, some scissors, and a sharpie in the color of your choice. Cut your kraft paper to size and then add some lines to list all the things to be thankful for. Add some dishes to your placemat and a pencil for your guest and tada you have an interactive super easy (and cheap even if you purchase off etsy) Thanksgiving table setting.


Drawn On Place Settings

For this table setting you just roll your kraft paper out like it’s a table cloth. Then go ahead and draw with a marker your placemats. You can make them frilly or a simple picture frame look. Maybe you’ll even want to label each spot with an individual’s name. The choice is yours and the options are endless. Feel free to leave some crayon or markers out so your family or guests can add their own special touches. Draw away!

Circular Kraft Paper Table Setting

You can put your kraft paper to use this Thanksgiving with this DIY circular placemat. It almost gives the look of having a charger with your plate. To get this look I simply found a circular object that was bigger than my plate (I think I used my pizza stone) and traced it and cut it out. Easy peasy. The circular placemats had a tendency to curl so I had to play with them to get them to lay flat. This look was also accomplished with the fancy plastic disposable plates from Costco. I need to give a shout out to my squirrel salt and pepper shakers on the table. I {heart} them.

Use kraft paper to make paper chargers/circular placemats

Thanksgiving Table Runner

How about using that kraft paper to make a table runner for your Thanksgiving table setting? Think of some fun witty saying or write words of gratitude that you can display across your table. If you want the look without the DIY check out the table runner pictured below on

Have you been inspired by these DIY Thanksgiving table settings using kraft paper? Don’t limit yourself. Do the dinner table, a kids table, and the dessert table.

Let the Kids Decorate!

Roll out your paper and let the kids decorate with their favorite drawing tools like crayons, markers, pastels and paints.  The kids will have a blast, and you will have a truly unique table setting for thanksgiving!

There are so many great ways to decorate your table using kraft paper. So get to work!

The best part?  At the end of the day you can simply fold it up and throw it away!


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