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Dollar Store Nail Polish Organization

An at-home manicure is one thing I like to do when I need time for myself. I find that it helps me decompress. As a part of adjusting to my new apartment and the new storage challenges (more on this later) it has presented, I wanted to give my nail polish some attention. I realized that I had accidentally bought a duplicate of the same color I didn’t remember I had. Whoops. I was also very disappointed to find that my old method (re: dumping everything in an old cardboard box that had the tabs ripped off) had resulted in some ruined bottles of a few of my favorite colors. Bummer.


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I am on a budget, so I headed to the dollar store for small containers to sort things in. $2 later I had everything I needed!

I wanted to be able to know what colors I had at a glance, so I decided to paint a swatch on the lids of all my polishes. I dipped one of my wooden cuticle sticks in the polish and dabbed it on the lid. In between colors, I cleaned the end off with a cotton circle with a little nail polish remover on it. It didn’t take long and worked great for most of my colors, but I had a few with black lids that didn’t show up well.


After all the lids were marked, I arranged the polishes and tools into my dollar store bins.Having the polishes stored upright will help eliminate leaks and other mess. Also, I love having access to cotton squares without having to open a plastic bag!

nailpolishstorage2I was surprised at how well my little dollar store bins worked out!  Here are some links to some of my favorite products!

  1. OPI’s “I Sao Paulo Over There” (Perfect grey for Fall!)
  2. Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Remover
  3. Orly’s Bonder Base Coat will make your at-home manicure last much longer.
  4. American Classic’s Gelous will turn any polish in to gel polish. This also helps extend the life of your mani/pedi without chipping. When I use this with the Bonder, I get a good 7 days before I start noticing chips.
  5. Nail Polish Remover Pump

I would love to hear your recommendations! Any nail product you can’t live without? Happy Halloween Eve!

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