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8 Easy Earth Day Activities for Work & Home for 2022

Going green on Earth Day, and giving our planet a little tender loving care, is easier than you think! These environmental activities are quick, inexpensive, and easy Earth Day activities for work and at home for 2022.

Looking for ideas specifically for kids? Check out our Free Earth Day Printables for Kids!

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Earth Day this year is on Thursday, April 22nd, and the theme is “Restore our Earth.” The annual holiday focuses on combating pollution and lessening environmental degradation. The month of April is also known as Earth Month.

Earth Day is the world’s largest grassroots environmental event.

To celebrate, people often try to get outdoors to help clean up, protect, or spread awareness about issues facing the Earth and its natural resources.

Easy Ways to celebrate with Earth Day activities for work and at home

Here are simple Earth Day ideas for work and ways to make a difference in your community.

1. Start with small sustainable changes in the office and your household

One of the best things a company can do is show up for the planet on more than just Earth Day—this can be done by making more sustainable choices and options be a core part of their workplace.

One of the best ways is to allow employees to work remotely and find other sustainable changes this post has some great ideas on how to do that!

Maybe you aren’t the decision-maker, however, and you want to find some small steps to get your coworkers on board. Here are a few ideas:

See how you can make little changes at work or at home that will help provide a lasting difference for the Earth and the animals and plants that live here.

You don’t have to go full organic force or buy hemp clothes.

  • Try using a reusable water bottle instead of plastic (which many have the added bonus of keeping water cold for hours on end) and switching disposable straws for reusable ones made out of silicone, stainless steel or even inexpensive washable plastic that can be reused over and over again.
  • Reusable snack bags help eliminate the need for plastic baggies, and switching to LED or energy efficient lights is also a simple fix.
  • You can also implement changes into events and parties with things such as charcuterie boards rather than lots of indivudally wrapped items.
  • Or try individual charcuterie jars in glass mason jars which provide safer individually packaged portions for guests.

To celebrate Earth Day, just talk to people who love to live green and find easy ways to incorporate a more sustainable lifestyle into your daily routine, or open up suggestions in the office to see what others have in mind.

2. Encourage Recycling

Recycling can become part of office culture and is a great family project with valuable lessons about consumption and the impact of trash on the planet.

Set up a recycling bin next to your trash can to try to encourage thoughtfulness when throwing items away, or go a step further and have one for bottles/cans, one for paper, and one for glass materials.

Make it a weekly activity to sort through materials that can be recycled, collect cans and bottles to recycle for money.

Pull out any materials that can be used in craft projects or DIY decor for some unique home art!

And be sure to check out our free printable Earth Day recycling activity for kids!

collage of printable recycling activities for kids on a background of hand putting bottle in recycling container

3. Find your own Eco-Mentor

Do you have a neighbor, coworker, or family member who makes a green living, not just a priority but a passion?

Find out what they do, why they do it, and how you can incorporate their environmentally friendly living tips into your own life.

4. Talk to your colleagues

What is your organization doing to celebrate Earth Day? What happened last year, and can you build on it?

If your workplace doesn’t have formal plans to say Happy Birthday to our planet, make it a point to bring it up in your conversations throughout the day.

Talking about various Earth Day events and activities is the first step to actually implementing them, and you may find other colleagues interested in doing a community service project together.

Earth Day will be here before you know it – and these conversations now could start the ball rolling to more involved events next year.

5. Google the Earth Day activities in your area

Your local community center, library, or public school may have some fun Earth Day activities planned.

For instance, in British Columbia, there are Earth Day Garden Shows, Earth Day Eco-Fairs, Earth Day Celebrations, and even a “Community Broom Bash” (a public event to remove Scotch Broom, an invasive species on Mayne Island, BC).

6. Volunteer for an Earth Day event

Say Happy Birthday to our planet by volunteering on Earth Day.

You could do this informally by walking a nearby beach or local park and picking up trash, or finding a registered environmental nonprofit organization to latch onto their efforts.

Call the organization sponsoring the event or the volunteer coordinator, and ask how you and your family can help.

Volunteering for environmental nonprofit organizations and events is an effective and easy way to celebrate Earth Day – and it could last all year long!

7. Contact your child’s school

Most schools will have their own Earth Day activities. Find out what events are planned, and piggyback on those.

For instance, if the school is planting a garden, then you could make plans for your own garden at home to carry over the lessons.

If your children made a special “Happy Birthday to the Earth!” project, ask them to show you how they did it.

Or share these fun Earth Day themed color by number pages with your friends and fellow teachers on Facebook!

image showing color by number activity pages for earth day

Ask your kids to explain the significance of their green activities. You may learn a lot about the history of Earth Day as well from your little environmentalist!

8. Grow an Eco-Mentor

The Earth Day Canada website defines eco-mentors as “high school volunteers who receive training and support to deliver environmental education lesson plans in elementary schools.”

If you have a green-minded teen, consider enrolling him or her in an eco-mentor program. This one action on Earth Day could have a ripple effect in your community or city.

With simple changes and activities at work or at home to celebrate Earth Day, we can make small steps towards and even greater future.

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