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Indoor Games to get the Kids Moving

While you are waiting for the weather to warm up outside you can get the kids moving inside. Try playing one of these indoor games to get the kids moving.

Get Kids Moving with these Indoor Games

Four Corners

This indoor game is a cinch to set up. There is no equipment required. Just use what is already in the home. It can be played anywhere indoors but could also be played outdoors.

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How to play the game: There will be “four corners” chosen. For example, the corners could be the couch, the potted plant, the fireplace and the love seat.

Next, you will need a person to be the guesser. The guesser counts to ten while the other players run to one of the corners. When time is up the guesser calls out the name of a corner (like couch). Whichever players are at that corner are then out.

Kids sitting on a couch.
Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

The out players sit on the side while the game continues with the remaining players. The last player to get out then becomes the guesser and the game continues.

Tips: Try and have your four corners equally spaced apart. To make it harder to be detected try not to make any noise as you move from corner to corner. Players can even stay at the same corner for more than one guess.

Simon Says

It’s an oldie but a goodie and there’s a chance your kiddos have never played it.

How to play: Start by choosing someone to be Simon. Simon gets to tell the rest of the kids things to do. For example, jump on one foot or do jumping jacks. The catch is that the kids only do the action if Simon says, “Simon says” before stating the action.

If Simon just says, “jump” then the players should NOT jump. If a player does the action and Simon did not say, “Simon says” then that player is out. Also, players should remain doing the action until Simon says, “Simon says stop”.

The round continues until only one person remains. Then that person becomes Simon.

Tips: If you are Simon and want to get people out try giving the actions faster. Mix up when you say, “Simon says” and when you don’t. To really get the kids moving call out actions that require exertion (jumping jacks, hopping, running in place, etc.).

Balloon Tennis

Person with balloons.
Photo by Oswald Elsaboath on Unsplash

Since we rarely if ever have a net lying around and kids swinging tennis rackets in the house isn’t the best idea we have adapted balloon tennis to be easy for anyone to play. All you need is a balloon!

How to play: If you have more than one player the idea is to pass the balloon back and forth to each other without letting it hit the floor. Each player would alternate hitting the balloon (with their hand). See how many hits you can get before it hits the floor. Then try and beat that number next round.

Tips: This game can also be played solo. Same idea of hitting the balloon as many times as you can without it hitting the floor and trying to beat your score each time.

If the kids are really wanting to play with rackets check here for a tutorial on how to make them with a hanger and pantyhose.

Trash Wars

This was a new one to me but I tried it out with a group of kiddos and it was big hit. We played in a gymnasium but I think it can be equally as fun and effective to play in a room of your home.

How to play: Start by choosing your game area. It can be any room that you divide equally in half (think of dodge ball). Then you put “trash” on each side. This can be balls, bean bags, stuffed animals. Anything that you don’t mind being tossed around.

Once each side has an equal amount of trash the game begins. Each side tries to get all the trash off of their side by throwing it onto the other side. So as you clear your side it also becomes more messy. You have to move fast.

People playing dodgeball.
Photo by Anderson Schmig on Unsplash

Tips: You will need a judge or referee in this game to call out when one side is trash free because it may only last for a second. Also, this game is excellent for getting the kids moving and getting out lots of energy. Just be mindful of what’s in the room that may get knocked over or broke when the trash goes flying.

Red Light Green Light

It’s another blast from the past. This is one of my daughters favorite things to play even if it’s just the two of us.

How to play: One person is the caller and stands at the finish line. The others line up at the starting line. The starting line should be within the callers line of sight.

Next the caller turns away from the player and says, “green light”. Once this happens the players can start moving towards the finish line (fast or slow). Then the caller will turn back around and say, “red light”. All movement must stop. If the caller spots someone still moving then that person has to return to the starting line and begin again.

The game ends when one of the players is able to reach the caller during a green light.

Tips: This game can be played with just 2 people. One is the caller and the other the player. The player can still be sent back to the starting line if they get caught moving.

If you have a smaller number of players you can try having your start and finish lines in a long hallway.

No need to let the cold weather outside stop the kiddos from getting some exercise. You can use these indoor games to get the kids moving. So invite some friends over and get a move on!

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