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Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids They Can Make On Their Own

kid breakfast

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Want to save time in the morning? Then it’s time to outsource breakfast! By giving your kids a few simple options they can make on their own, you’ll save a ton of time.

Here are some easy breakfast ideas for kids they can make all by themselves.

Breakfast Cereal:

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breakfast kids

By far the easiest thing for kids to make on their own is cold cereal. It’s great because it doesn’t require any cooking or using any appliances. But, it can be messy. Big gallons of milk can be hard for little hands to pour without spilling. Keep your milk in a smaller, easy to pour container. Or, purchase a pump that attaches to your milk jug. Kids can simply add a few pumps of milk to their morning cereal!

Granola Bars:

kid breakfast

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Granola bars are simple breakfast option for kids. If they can open a wrapper, or use kid scissors, they can grab a granola bar for breakfast.

Frozen Waffles and Pancakes:

kids breakfast

If your child is responsible enough to use a toaster, frozen waffles and pancakes are a great option. They are simple and delicious. To make this task easier for your little ones, leave the butter out to soften and make sure your syrup is in an easy to pour container.

Yogurt and Fruit:


Keep containers of yogurt and cut up fruit in the refrigerator for a quick breakfast. This option is easy and healthy.

Breakfast Sandwiches:

Whether you buy the frozen kind, or make your own ahead of time, breakfast sandwiches are great for kids who are old enough to use the microwave.


breakfast easy

Oatmeal is simple to make if you have a coffee pot that makes one cup at a time. Teach your child how to safely use the machine to get hot water. Once they’ve mastered that safely, all they need to do is grab an oatmeal packet and a bowl and spoon.

After a few days, your kids will be pros at making their own breakfast. They’ll love their new responsibility and being able to choose what they eat in the morning. Make sure you also teach the kiddos how to clean up after themselves. Having to scrape dried oatmeal off bowls in the morning won’t save you any time at all! Let the kids know that you expect them to rinse their bowls and even put them in the dishwasher when they are through.

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

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