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Easy Ways to Organize Greeting Cards

It’s safe to say that many of us have a stash of greeting cards for special occasions that we keep on hand for last minute use. And if you don’t well, it’s time to start. Buying ahead saves time and money. And it saves you from having to scramble for a card when you suddenly remember a forgotten event.

Or simply don’t have time to stop at the store before a friend or family member’s special day. But all that advance planning will simply go to waste if your cards aren’t organized and easy to find when you need them! To make sure you’re ready when you next need the perfect card, check out these easy ways to organize greeting cards!

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Organize Greeting Cards with these Tips!

1. Choose a System

The first step to organizing your greeting card stash is to choose the right system for you. There are basically two I’ve seen work well.

One is to buy a box the right size for greeting cards and add dividers. The second method is to buy a binder. And then add folders with pockets to hold each type of card.

Both of these methods can work for you. Consider which will be easier for you to store and keep handy for when you need it.

2. Declutter Your Cards (& Throw Away the Ones You’ll Never Use!)

When you’re getting ready to organize greeting cards you should first sort through and toss any cards you know you won’t use.

Depending on where you’ve been keeping your card stash and how long you’ve had them, you may have cards that appear worn at the corners or simply no longer look new. These should be recycled.

You may also have cards you purchased for a specific purpose or event and didn’t use. And there is no purpose you can find for their future use.

Basically, any card you can’t imagine ever using needs to be recycled rather than taking up space in your newly organized greeting card box or binder.

3. Use Dividers for Each Type of Event

Whether you’re using a box or binder, purchase or create dividers labeled with each event type you plan to have cards for. This includes birthdays, weddings, baby showers, sympathy cards, and any others you can think of.

I do know some people who organize greeting cards according to months. Creating dividers for each month and then placing the cards inside they anticipate they will use during that month.

I prefer the event type divider system because there are too many cards I simply can’t anticipate what month I may need them. For example, sympathy cards or thank you notes can become necessary at any time. And it’s nice to have them on hand. But you can’t anticipate a month you might need them.

4. Keep Envelopes, Stamps, & Pens with Your Cards

To really be organized and efficient when it comes to sending greeting cards, keep all your supplies in the same stash as your organized cards. If you are using a box, create a spot for envelopes, stamps, and a couple of pens in your box.

When you need to send a card, you’re all set and ready to go.

If you’re using a binder to organize greeting cards, add a pencil pouch that can be clipped in the front with the binder rings. You can stash extra envelopes, pens, and stamps in there.

A quick tip, if you are storing envelopes with the card they came with, tuck the envelope inside the card rather than the other way around.

This makes it easier for you to see which card you are looking at when you go through your stash of greeting cards.

5. Keep the Cards in an Easy to Find Spot

Now that you’ve organized your greeting cards, choose the right spot for storing them. It won’t do any good to have a stash of the perfect cards if you can’t find them.

Select a spot for your greeting card box or binder where you will always be able to find it easily when it’s time to send a card for a special occasion.

Easy Ways to Organize Greeting Cards

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