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Tips for a Forgetful Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy in my home is a little forgetful. Sometimes she remembers that a kiddo’s lost a tooth and sometimes she completely forgets. Sometimes she has a stash of money so she is able to take the tooth and leave a dollar, but other times she is broke! If you have a forgetful tooth fairy in your house too you’ve no doubt had a disappointed child with no reward for their tooth under their pillow come morning. With four kids and countless lost teeth over the years, I’ve come up with a few tips for making the sure the tooth fairy does her job!

forgetful tooth fairy

Keep Dollar Bills Handy

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This is huge! If you have kids who are around tooth losing age, make sure you keep a stash of dollar bills (or whatever the tooth fairy leaves) readily available. Get a bunch of crisp bills from the bank and put them away. You may be tempted to grab these dollars for other things, but resist the urge! There’s nothing worse than running around late at night looking for a dollar to put under the pillow!

If you do find yourself without cash (or only with large bills) on a day that your child lost your tooth, don’t fret. One parent may need to go out to the store to get change or hit up the ATM. If there is only one parent in the home you won’t be able to leave so you’ll need to get creative. If you need too, rob your child’s piggy bank! Desperate times call for desperate measures! Just be sure to pay them back ASAP!

Set an Alarm For the Forgetful Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy forgetful

The tooth fairy in our home always means to put the dollar under the pillow before she goes to bed, but honestly, sometimes she falls asleep on the couch when she is watching Netflix! So, she sets an alarm on her phone! That way she never forgets!

Put Tooth in a Large Container

Sometimes it’s hard to find a little tooth under a pillow without waking a sleeping kiddo. Use a large tooth pillow, envelope, or container to put the tooth in. That makes it easier to find so you can get in and out quickly!

Place Tooth Strategically Under The Pillow

tooth fairy

Encourage your child to put the tooth as close to the edge of the pillow as possible. In our home, we have a few light sleepers, so the less we move the pillow, the better!

Have A Backup Plan

If your child wakes up while you are in the act of being the tooth fairy, you might be in trouble! It’s a good idea to have a backup story ready to go. I usually tell my children that I’m just coming in to check on them before I go to bed. Then I try again later.

Hopefully, these tips will help the forgetful tooth fairies get the job done all while keeping the magic of childhood alive a while longer!

Tips for a Forgetful Tooth Fairy

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