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Easy Ways To Organize Your Junk Drawer

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Some of the messiest places in our homes are hidden away for nobody to see but those that live there. One of these places is the junk drawer. If you are not familiar with this term, it’s basically exactly what it sounds like – a drawer somewhere in your house (typically the kitchen) where a bunch of everyday items are kept for quick and easy access. Here are a few tips to keep your junk drawer more organized:

Step 1. Empty the Junk

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Take everything out of the drawer and place it on the kitchen counter, a clean floor or table.  Then you can see exactly what is in it. Once you have everything laid out, work on trying to downsize the amount of stuff that goes back in the drawer. Maybe there are pens that no longer write? Or random receipts from items that can no longer be returned? Ditch them! Also, take the time to really decide what needs to be in the everything drawer or you can find a new home for elsewhere. The key word here is: declutter!

Step 2: Separate and Prioritize


Once you have your “junk” sorted, it’s time to organize it in the actual drawer.  Put that pad of paper you write your grocery list on next to your pens and pencils in the drawer.  Or all of the spare change can be kept in its own little section of the drawer.  This will give you easy access when your kid needs money for a carton of milk at lunch. Try to put items that you tend to need/use towards the front of the drawer for easy/quick access. Maybe you can keep your recipe folder underneath everything since you probably don’t use that as often as you would a writing utensil or spare batteries.

Step 3: Buy the Goods to Make it Work

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The best way to organize all of the items is to purchase or repurpose a few storage containers that will fit inside of the drawer itself. The dollar store tends to carry a large variety of different size plastic baskets that should be able to fit almost any size drawer. Another idea is to use used/clean glass baby jars for smaller items such as screws that don’t have a home or even coins. If you want to get really fancy, you can head down to your local department store and purchase the strips of wood and cut them to size to make different compartments in the drawer itself. You will need a good electric saw, measuring tape and wood glue for this endeavor. You can also outsource this job to a local carpenter or handyman too!

Easy Ways to Organize Your Junk Drawer


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