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Easy Ways to Organize Your Purse

Are you constantly losing things in your purse? Every woman who carries a purse knows how difficult it can be to keep your bag clean and organized. A purse is supposed to make your life easier. Purses allow you to carry around the things you need. But for many of us, finding the things we need becomes difficult when we also end up packing around receipts, trash, snack wrappers, and everything else we shove in our bag throughout the day. And even the essentials can become a disorganized jumble without the right organization tools. If you’re tired of digging for misplaced items in your bag, check out these easy ways to organize your purse!

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Simple Tricks to Organize Your Purse

1. Schedule Regular Decluttering of Your Purse

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No matter how organized you try to keep your purse inevitably you will find yourself shoving receipts, wrappers, or other junk into your bag just to put them somewhere. Or you will take something out to use and shove it back in your bag without regard for organization. This is why you need to schedule regular decluttering of your purse.

Set aside time about once a week to sort through your purse. Pull out anything that is trash or doesn’t belong in your bag. And restore order to the things that remain.

When you first commit to organizing your purse, think of it as similar to decluttering a closet. Go through the items you’ve been carrying around. Consider whether you use or need the item. Staying organized becomes much easier when you’ve pared down your purse to the essentials.

Once you have everything you need in your bag, weekly decluttering and organization is the best thing you can do to keep your purse organized.

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2. Use a System of Containers or Pouches

One of the easiest ways to organize your purse is to use containers or pouches. This is especially true if you have a larger bag. Without containers, your purse becomes a jumbled mess you have to dig through every time you want to find something.

Small makeup bags or plastic containers with lids can be used to hold makeup, pens, medications, snacks, and almost anything else you may need to carry. You can even use plastic sandwich bags in a pinch. Consider a tabbed envelope with dividers for your receipts or any papers you need to keep in your purse.

Do an online search for purse organizers and you will find products designed specifically for that purpose. It’s worth looking if you find the idea of multiple containers or makeup bags too much to set up.

It can also be helpful to buy a wallet and a purse with a large number of pockets and compartments for sorting.

Once you organize your purse, you’ll love how easy it is to find what you need.

3. Stick to Your System Throughout the Day

Whatever system of pouches or containers you use to organize your purse, it’s important to stick with it throughout the day. Even with your weekly decluttering, your purse will quickly become a mess if you don’t put most things where they go during the day.

At the end of your outings or shopping trips, put your receipts directly into your tabbed envelope. If you take something out of your purse like sunglasses, medications, a flashlight, whatever you have in there, make sure when you’re done you put it back where it belongs.

It will be much easier to keep your purse organized if you aren’t starting from scratch each day.

4. Eliminate Redundancy

When you organize your purse, consider ways you can eliminate redundancy and carry fewer items. If you have your phone, do you also need a paper planner? Or can you use your cell phone calendar?

Do you need three different types of pain relievers for a potential headache? Do you need six different activities to entertain your kids on the go? Or is one or two enough?  Look through the items in your purse and remove anything that serves a duplicate purpose.

If you really can’t live without having a backup item for everything you carry, consider adding some things to a car emergency kit. Then the items in your purse can be just the basics.

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5.  Resist the Urge to Add to Your Stuff

Once you’ve organized your purse, resist the urge to add to your bag throughout the day. It’s easy to find yourself collecting samples, papers, extra napkins, and all kinds of junk throughout the day. And where do you put it? Your purse.

Resist that impulse. If it isn’t something you’ve already decided you need to carry with you, consider carefully whether you really want to add it to your newly organized purse. Especially if you know you will just be removing it at your daily or weekly purse decluttering.

Easy Ways to Organize Your Purse

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