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Essential Tools In Any Cleaning Closet

We have everything you need in a cleaning closet to get ANYTHING Clean!!  THE COMPLETE GUIDE

Honestly, does anyone really love cleaning? Probably not, but it necessary so we do it. To make the chore of cleaning go faster it’s important to have the right cleaning tools easily accessible. Here’s a list of all the essentials you need to keep your house sparkling!

A Really Good Vacuum in your cleaning closet

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It’s incredibly important to have a good vacuum in your cleaning closet. Spend some time making your decision so you get the right vacuum for you. Ask yourself these questions to help you decide: Do you have pets? How often do you vacuum? Do you have all hard surface floors or a combination of carpet and hard surface? Are there a lot of steps in your home? Your answers to these questions will help you determine which vacuum is best for you. But whatever you choose, make sure you pick one with easy to use attachments to make the vacuuming go faster.

Broom or Stick Vacuum

So you don’t have to lug out the larger vacuum out of your cleaning closet, invest in a light weight stick vacuum or a good broom for quick cleanups after meals.

A Durable Mop and Floor Cleaner

If you have any type of hard surface floors in your home, you’ll need a good mop, unless of course you prefer to get down on your hands and knees to do the floor! Whether you choose a mop to ring out or a spray mop, be sure to get the proper floor cleaner to go with it.  

Multi-purpose Cleaner

There are so many options here! What you are looking for here is a cleaner that can be used all over your house, specifically in kitchens and bathrooms. Then, buy in bulk and you always have your cleaner ready to go. Choose between disposable disinfectant wipes, many different sprays (either using natural ingredients or chemicals) or a vinegar water combination.

Glass Cleaner

Again there are a wide variety to choose from, but glass cleaner is a must to keep in your cleaning closet for windows, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, and more.

Low Lint Paper Towels and/or Cleaning Cloths

You’ll need cleaning cloths or paper towels to get the job done right! If you choose paper towels, be sure to purchase a brand that does not leave a lot lint behind. This will cause your mirrors and chrome to look streaky.

Dusters-One Small and One Large

You can chose a duster with disposable refills, a feather duster, or a microfiber one. Two is better than one here-a long extendable duster works well for getting those dust bunnies in the corners, ceiling fans and other hard to reach places. Use the smaller duster for things close in reach.

Multi-purpose Dusting Spray

This ain’t your mother’s furniture polish! Today you can buy a multipurpose dusting spray that advertises it can be used on not just wood, but also glass, electronics, and granite. Talk about multi-tasking!

Melamine Sponges

melamine sponge essentials for a cleaning closet

These sponges can be purchased with a cleaning solution already in them or without any cleaning solution and they can be used in a variety of ways and in lots of different rooms in your house. Use them to clean fingerprints off walls, remove marker off the craft table, scrub the hard water and soap scum build up off your tub and even clean scuff marks off your shoes.  

Non-Abrasive Cleansing Powder

For ceramic, stainless, grout and other things that need a good scrub but you don’t want to scratch.

Stainless Steel Spray

If you have stainless appliances in your kitchen, you know how quickly they can get fingerprints. Keep this spray handy in the kitchen and buff out with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Toilet Brush

Again, there are lots of options here, but make sure you have a good toilet bowl brush!

Now that you have your list of essential cleaning tools for your cleaning closet, you’re ready to go shopping. Stock your closet now and have all the tools you need ready to go to make your job of cleaning a little easier.

Everything you need in a cleaning closet to clean anything

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