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Fun Fall Apple Crafts

It’s started….all things pumpkin spice, Halloween prep and autumn related. Everywhere you go you can tell that fall is in the air, including your child’s school!  One thing is for sure, and that is that sometimes fall can be so busy that it can be hard to take time to just enjoy this time of year with your children right at home or in the community.

Fun Fall Apple Crafts

If you have far too many apples after that trip to the orchard, or just want to have some fun on a rainy autumn day, check out these fall apple crafts that you can do with your kiddos right at home:

Apple Stamp Art

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fall apple crafts

Apple stamp art is a classic go to when thinking of fall craft ideas to do with children. There are so many different possibilities with this project. Simply slice an apple down the middle and provide the children with some paint on paper plates to dip the split apples into so they can “stamp” the apple print onto their paper.

Additionally, you can spice this project up a little bit by adding glitter to the paint or in a small shaker for the kids to add to themselves. Stickers, other small stamps or other decorative items that can be glued onto paper also make this project more interesting too!

This project is very versatile because with different colored paints, the apple stamps can simulate pumpkins, leaves in a tree or even faces!

Edible Apple Art

edible apple craft

This is a fun way to provide your children with an afternoon snack and a neat fall apple crafts project! Invest in some very small cookie cutters or bring out any ones that you may already own. Gently insert one of the cutters into a freshly cleaned apple and removed the contents to show the kids.

If you have different colored apples, the kids can combine the cut outs into other apples (see photo above).  Then they can eat their multi colored apples afterwards! Plus, combining different kinds of apples will create a yummy flavor! The small cookie cut outs can also be used for the apple stamping project mentioned above too!

Apple Bird Feeders

sliced apples

You and your children can create a bird friendly feeder with just a few pieces of string, some peanut butter, bird seed and a few apples! Slice up the apples into traditional slices. Take a small knife and puncture a whole on the very top of the slice so that a piece of string can be pulled through the hole.

Next, allow the kids to spread some peanut butter onto both sides of the apple so that it is covered using a plastic spoon or knife.

Pour some of the bird seed onto a paper plate.  Have the kids to dip the peanut butter covered slices into the seed so that it sticks to all sides. If you haven’t already laced the string through and tied it off, do so now.

Have the kids take the slices outside and help them tie them to a tree branch.  Another ideas is to tie the apple slices to an already existing bird house/feeder. Watch as the birds flock to the yummy treat that they made for them!

These fun fall apple crafts are a great family activity!  Don’t miss our favorite fall apple recipes if you need a snack!

Fall Apple Crafts Moms and Kids Can Do Together

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