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Fun Cleaning Jobs for Small Children

Think your kids are old enough to start helping out around the house but don’t know where to start? Here is a list of our suggestions for fun cleaning jobs that your small child can do!

Cleaning the Glass

Cleaning the sliding glass door was one of my favorite jobs as a kid and my kids love it too. They feel so grown up with their spray bottle of glass cleaner and their paper towels.  It’s so fun for them to see the difference a few quick wipes can make on a finger-smudged door! Plus, since they are the ones making all the smudges and handprints, it’s only fair that they clean them up, right? While you have the Windex out, see what other things they can clean, like appliance fronts or windows.

Watering the Plants

kid chores
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Image by Phichit Wongsunthi from Pixabay

This is another fun job for kids! Grab them a small watering can, teach them how to carefully fill it, and have them water plants inside and out!


Little children love to dust! They can grab the feather duster or microfiber duster and go to town! Older kids will love to use the spray and cloth to dust the furniture and other hard surfaces.

Removing Pet Hair

This is another one of my kids’ favorites. They love using the lint roller to remove our cats’ hair from her favorite napping spot and from the curtains next to her favorite window sill.

Easy Vacuuming

Preschoolers and young elementary aged kids might be too young to effectively use a large vacuum, but they are just the right size for a portable battery operated one! If you have a small, lightweight vacuum that doesn’t need to be plugged in, let the kids sweep up the floor after meals. They’ll feel so grown up!

Sweeping Outside

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It is very difficult for small children to sweep dust, dirt, and debris into a pile and then sweep it into the dustpan. So, instead of having them sweep the kitchen floor, send them outside to sweep the porch, patio, deck or sidewalk!

Hand Washing Dishes

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You might not give them your best china to wash, but your child will have so much fun handwashing their plastic plates and cups! What kid doesn’t love playing in warm, soapy water?

Washing the Tub

kid chores

Since we’re on the subject of water, let your kids wash the tub and shower enclosure! Give them a safe, natural cleaner and some scrub brushes or sponges and have them get to work! You can even let them get in their bathing suits for extra fun! This is a fun, easy way to keep kids busy and your tub gets cleaner too!

Feeding the Pets

Let your little one be in charge of feeding your pet! Although they might be too young to handle a can of wet food, they could certainly scoop out dry food for your cat or dog. They can also feed fish, turtles, hamsters, or other small pets.

Just because your child is young, doesn’t mean they can’t help out with household chores and have fun while doing it! Hopefully, you found some chores on this list that your kids will enjoy!

Fun Jobs for Kids




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