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Fun Twists on Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Are you looking for new ways to make your Easter Egg Hunt traditions a little more exciting? Try some simple changes to your traditional Easter egg hunt to make this year the most memorable yet!

traditional Easter egg hunt

Start a New Easter Egg Hunt Tradition

As kids get older sometimes it becomes difficult to get them excited for family traditions and celebrations. But by adapting your traditions or making small changes, you can get your older kids excited for holidays again.  

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We’ve gathered together three creative ideas for an extra fun twist on your family’s Easter Egg hunt this year. 

Gold and Silver Eggs

A fun way to add a little bit more excitement to your traditional Easter Egg Hunt is to hide one gold egg with money inside it. 

My family started doing this tradition a few years ago, and it’s one of our favorites. 

If you have a large family you may want to do both one gold and one silver egg, just to give two people a chance at finding some money.

The gold and silver eggs should be hidden really well, because you want them to be difficult to find. With our family, they’re always the last eggs to be found; which makes for an exciting way to end the Easter Egg Hunt. 

traditional Easter egg hunt

Night Egg Hunt

To add more excitement to your Easter Egg Hunt, just move your traditional outdoor egg hunt to the nighttime. 

Start by setting out the eggs in your yard at dusk. Then, wait until it’s dark and give each child a flashlight and an Easter basket.  You can even use some eggs that glow in the dark!

Nighttime Easter Egg hunts work best for older children and teenagers. This is a fun way to get the older kids excited about egg hunts and spending time with the family again. 

When we celebrate Easter with our extended family, we will do two Easter Egg Hunts. One hunt during the day for the kids that are 8 and younger. Then a nighttime Easter Egg Hunt for all of the older kids. 

Confetti Eggs 

Confetti eggs are an easy way to make your Easter Egg Hunt more exciting (and messy). 

A few weeks before Easter, some grocery stores will start to sell “confetti” eggs. These are real eggs that have been drained of the egg yolk and egg whites and then filled with confetti. Because they are real egg shells they will crack open when you throw them or step on them and spill out the confetti. 

The game our family started to play during our Easter Egg Hunt was if you found a confetti egg, you could smash it over someone’s head and then that person had to give you one of their plastic eggs filled with candy. 

This game only works if everyone is willing to get a little confetti in their hair and clothes, and be good sports about giving away candy. 

Combine All Three Traditions

Why not combine all three of these ideas for an Epic Easter Egg Hunt? 

These are the fun traditions my family has been doing for years now. Everyone always looks forward to our nighttime-confetti-filled-golden-egg-searching Easter Egg Hunt.

After the golden egg has been found, and everyone has shaken the confetti from their hair, we all move inside. Evereyone opens the plastic eggs and we give a small award (usually a chocolate bunny) to the winner who collected the most eggs. 

I hope that you can adopt these twists on a traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Make fun filled lasting memories with your family!

traditional Easter egg hunt

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