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How to Celebrate Spring: 17 Renewing Things to do in Spring

We’ve filled this post with simple ideas on how to celebrate spring and make the most of this wonderful time of year!

Looking for ways to celebrate the rebirth of spring? We don’t blame you!

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The days are beginning to get longer, and the daffodils are starting to push their green stems above the ground.

The rosebushes are showing tiny leaf buds, and birds are checking out available nesting sites. The air is beginning to smell of new growth and the occasional mown lawn.

pink spring flowers against sky

It’s both an exciting and beautiful time of year, and deserves to be enjoyed fully.

Here are some easy ways to bring springtime inside and to find joy in it everyday.

How to Celebrate Spring at Home

Spring Cut Floral Decor

First, cut pussy willow and forsythia branches and bring them indoors. Place them in water, and in a few days, they will begin to swell and blossom.

cut forsithia branches in clear vase on counter

If you have none of these, coral bark branches or birch branches will bring in a bit of color and nature.

Visit a Nursery & Get Planting

Take a trip to a local nursery for inspiration and hints of things to come. Buy a tube of orchard mason bees to add to your garden or a tray of spring bloomers such as primroses or violas.

Check out and buy bulbs to plant in the spring for summer bloom or spring forcing. Buy a pot of early-blooming daffodils or tulips.

vase of large open purple and pink tulips

After they have finished blooming, pull out the bulbs, dirt and all and plant them in your flower bed. Water and fertilize with your other flowers, and you will have new blooms next year.

Grow Paperwhite Narcissus

Force bulbs of paperwhite narcissus by placing them in a pot or decorative dish filled with pebbles.

Group the bulbs tightly together on top of the gravel with pointed ends up. Fill to the top of the gravel with water.

Put the pot in a cool place until the roots begin to grow, and then bring it out into a sunny spot in the house. You will soon have fragrant blooms.

Make Small Improvements to the Garden

english garden with flowing greenery

Look around your garden for areas that draw your attention. Pop in a few early spring flowering plants from the nursery to add a bit of new color.

Do you have colorful or unique rocks you’ve gathered squirreled away somewhere? Make a rock garden or concrete stepping stones with an interesting display of rocks in a spiral or other mosaic form.

Create a Family Spring Tradition

Start a spring tradition that gets your family out exploring in the bright new world around them.

Some ideas include:

lamb in green field
  • Searching out the nearest sheep or goat farm and driving by to view the new spring lambs and kits.
  • Try volunteering at an animal rescue facility or visiting a zoo or aquarium to see what spring has brought.
  • Visit a tulip, iris, or daffodil farm and take photos in the fields.
  • Go for a nature walk in a local public garden or park. Take a notebook and write down the signs of spring that you see, or sketch a flower in the bud. Bring along a digital camera and create a spring photo album.
  • Stuck at home? Go online and ask your friends to take spring pictures and post them. Every year you’ll get a memory that pops up of the spring share!

Rejuvenate & Eat

Feeling sluggish and need some energy?

Brew up a cup of nettle tea for a spring tonic. Nettle tea is a good source of vitamin C, iron, and calcium. It cleanses the blood and stimulates good kidney function.

An added bonus is that nettle tea can help lower high blood pressure.

To brew nettle tea, place two teaspoons of dried nettle per cup wanted in a glass teapot and pour in boiling water. Steep for ten minutes. Strain into a cup and add honey to taste. Drink between meals for best results.

You can also eat some new spring greens or asparagus to celebrate the season.

Many families in the past would gather young dandelion leaves and other wild greens to get some much-needed vitamin C.

The grocery store might be easier, but it still reaps the benefits of eating with the season!

Go for a walk

young girl reaching up to cherry blossoms on tree

Take advantage of the lengthening days by taking walks before or after work and enjoy the extra benefits of added Vitamin D.

Notice the changes occurring in your neighborhood. Look at other people’s gardens and see what looks good for future changes to your own garden scheme.

Leave the door open for a few minutes after you return to let the fresh, clean air into your home, or open the windows while you are cleaning or reading a book to circulate the fresh air.

Spring Cleaning

clean white kitchen with island

Tackle the stuck on messes in the kitchen and start fresh.

  1. Empty out your kitchen cupboards and wipe down the insides with a mixture of 2/3 cider vinegar and 1/3 warm water.
  2. Allow shelves to dry and restock them in a pleasing and useful way.
  3. Pull out underused utensils and worn storage containers. If it doesn’t have a matching lid or is in poor shape, put it in the recycling.
  4. If items are still usable and you don’t want them, place them in a sack to take to your local thrift store donation center.
  5. Simplify your cupboards and pantry for ease in finding what you need.

Finally, deep clean your home and invite your friends over to celebrate spring.

There is nothing like an impending party to get you moving and cleaning away those winter blahs.

clean kitchen sink with flowers

If all that cleaning seems a daunting task, start with one small task at time and enjoy the clean space as you progress slowly over the next few months.

Consider inviting a few friends over for a garden tea party or for coffee in your newly cleaned kitchen.

Of course, if you can hire someone to do the deep cleaning chores and shampoo the rugs, by all means, go for it! There are many people willing to do the work for you to supplement their incomes. Be sure to ask for and check for references first.

Spring is an ideal time for getting started with hosting parties or entertaining on a small scale at home, but that isn’t the only way to enjoy it!

Figuring out how to celebrate spring is as easy as noticing and appreciating the changes in the natural world around you, and bringing the flowers, texture and light of Spring into the home.

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