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How to Celebrate a Golden Birthday

In this article you will learn what they are, get ideas on how to celebrate a golden birthday and what to do if you’ve already missed yours.

Are Golden Birthdays New to You?

If you have never heard of a golden birthday you are not alone. My oldest child was 17 before a friend introduced me to the idea of a golden birthday.

What are Golden Birthdays?

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Your golden birthday is when the date of your birth matches up with the age you are turning. For example, if your birthday was on June 11th then your golden birthday would be when you turned 11.

If your birthday is on October 28th then your 28th birthday would be your golden birthday.

Ways to Celebrate a Golden Birthday

Golden Birthday T-shirt

You could make the special day even more memorable with a golden birthday t-shirt to let everyone know it’s their special day.

Go one step further and get a personalized golden birthday t-shirt.

You can find these t-shirts all over the internet. Check out these ones on Amazon and Etsy.

It's my golden birth day t-shirt.
Etsy CottonLaundry


What’s a birthday without some balloons! For this special birthday be sure to use some GOLD balloons.

Hang the balloons at different heights from their door frame. This way they can walk through a curtain of balloons first thing in the morning.

You could buy them an equal number of balloons as the age they are turning.

Don’t forget those amazing HUGE number balloons! Of course in GOLD!

The number 20 in gold mylar balloons being held up in the air.
Photo by Matthew Ball on Unsplash

Everything Golden

You heard right. Go for the GOLD. From your wrapping paper to your candles.

You can even purchase gold food spray to add a gold shimmer to your brownies or other birthday confections.

If you are having a party go with gold decor and snacks to make the day even more memorable.

Yard Sign

Ever since corona started I have a love for a good yard sign. It lets everyone know that you are celebrating something special at your house.

You can use yard sign golden decorations like the ones pictured below or the words, “Happy Birthday” in gold spread across your front lawn.

You can also order personalized yard signs with their age or even with their picture on it.

Yard signs that are gold, black and white in color and are the shapes of balloons, presents, stars, cake and cupcakes.

If You Missed a Golden Birthday

All is not lost if your child’s golden birthday was on their 10th birthday and they are now 17. You can celebrate a double or triple golden birthday.

A double golden birthday is when you simply double your age for your golden birthday. So that 10th golden birthday we missed could be celebrated when he turns 20.

Already missed the double golden birthday as well. You can also celebrate a triple golden birthday. For that child whose golden birthday was on the 10th he can celebrate his triple golden birthday when he turns 30!

Birthdays are made to be celebrated. Add another layer of excitement to them by celebrating golden birthdays. Whether it’s your first, double or triple golden birthday. Any reason to celebrate is a good one!

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