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How to Celebrate a Golden Birthday

In this article you will learn what they are, get ideas on how to celebrate a golden birthday and what to do if you’ve already missed yours. Golden birthdays are another fun special occasion for you to celebrate that you might not have already known about.

Are Golden Birthdays New to You?

If you have never heard of a golden birthday you are not alone. My oldest child was 17 before a friend introduced me to the idea of a golden birthday.

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When I first heard the term Golden Birthday, I thought it had something to do with turning 65, you know, “the Golden years”, but little did I know how wrong that was.

What is a Golden Birthday?

Your golden birthday is when the date of your birth matches up with the age you are turning. For example, if your birthday was on June 11th then your golden birthday would be when you turned 11.

If your birthday is on October 28th then your 28th birthday would be your golden birthday.

When you think about it, it’s a once in a lifetime event and can only happen from your 1st birthday through your 31st birthday, depending on your birth date. But, don’t worry! If you missed it, I’ll share more on double and triple golden birthdays later so you can celebrate again in the future.

What else is a Golden Birthday called?

If you haven’t heard of a golden birthday, maybe you have heard of it as a champagne birthday?! If you hear someone saying they’re celebrating their champagne birthday, they’re actually just celebrating their golden birthday. The names are interchangeable. So you can enjoy a golden birthday or a champagne birthday with a fun champagne bar!

Is a Golden Birthday a real thing?

Absolutely this golden birthday thing is a real thing! It’s another fun way to celebrate your upcoming birthdays. If you have been searching for a theme and can’t seem to find one, check to see if it’s your golden birthday, so you can have a fun theme to use. Just remember your golden birthday correlates with whatever number day of the month you were born on.

Where did Golden Birthdays come from? 

Golden birthdays, also known as champagne birthdays, have become a popular way to celebrate a milestone day in someone’s life. But where did these unique celebrations actually come from? The origins of the golden birthday tradition are a bit mysterious and seem to be shrouded in folklore. While there isn’t a definitive answer, there are a few theories about how this trend started.

One theory suggests that the concept of a golden birthday can be traced back to Germany. In German folklore, it is believed that when a person turns the age that corresponds to the day of their birth, it is a special and lucky occasion. For example, if someone was born on the 15th of the month, their golden birthday would be when they turn 15 years old. This idea of a golden birthday spread to other countries over time.

Another theory is that the term “champagne birthday” originated in the United States. It is said to have been popularized in the 1950s or 1960s and refers to celebrating one’s birthday with a touch of extravagance, just like the bubbly and luxurious nature of champagne. This concept of celebrating a milestone birthday with a champagne-themed party caught on and has remained popular ever since.

Regardless of its exact origins, the golden birthday tradition has evolved into a way to make birthdays even more special. Whether it’s throwing a lavish champagne-themed party, incorporating gold decorations and accents, or simply acknowledging the significance of the day, celebrating a golden birthday has become a fun and memorable way to mark a milestone in one’s life.

So, next time you hear someone mention their golden birthday or champagne birthday, you can appreciate the history and tradition behind it. It’s a unique and festive way to celebrate that special day when your age aligns with the day of your birth.

Ways to Celebrate a Golden Birthday

Golden Birthday Invitation

Start the whole party planning process off right with these gorgeous Gold Birthday Party Invitations. They’re perfect for any golden year birthday party for either a boy or a girl, no matter what age they’re turning!

50 Pack Invitation Card - Elegant Greeting Cards ‘’You are Invited’’ in Gold Foil Letters – for Wedding, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Birthday Invitations - 52 Kraft Envelopes Included - 4

You could also use these fun golden ticket party invitations to share the news of your golden party with all your friends and family.

Invitations that have golden glitter or confetti would be a fun and festive way to invite friends and family to your golden birthday celebration!

Party Supplies and Decorations

Grab all the fun golden decorations and supplies. Don’t forget about your gold napkins. Be sure to ditch the boring regular plates or paper plates and grab some festive gold paper plates and cups. Line your tables with these gold sequin tablecloths to really stand out.

Can’t get a hold of a cute tablecloth, try getting a white table cloth and using a golden table runner down the middle. It could bring a nice pop of color to the tables and add a litle extra elegance. 

And if you really want to go all out, wear this cute birthday sash that reminds everyone that it is your golden birthday!

Golden Birthday Sash, Golden Birthday Party Decorations, Golden Girls Birthday Décor, White and Gold Birthday Sash for Teens, Women and Men

Golden Birthday T-shirt

You could make the special day even more memorable with a golden birthday t-shirt to let everyone know it’s their special day.

Go one step further and get a personalized golden birthday t-shirt.

You can find these t-shirts all over the Internet, or even make your own!

It's My Golden Birthday Cool Classic Birthday Gift T-Shirt

Click here for more shirt options!


What’s a birthday without some Happy Birthday balloons! For this special birthday be sure to use some GOLD balloons.

Hang the golden balloons at different heights from their door frame. This way they can walk through a curtain of balloons first thing in the morning.

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You could buy them an equal number of balloons as the age they are turning.

Don’t forget those amazing HUGE number balloons! Of course in GOLD!

40 Inch Gold Digit Helium Foil Birthday Party Balloons (Gold 2)

And if you’re looking for an even better way to show off your fun touch of gold on everything? Make a beautiful golden balloon arch! An arch is a huge way to make a statement.

​You could even use your golden balloon arch as a backdrop for guests to take pictures at. Add some fun golden photo booth cut outs and you’ll have tons of fun ideas to use for birthday pictures!

Everything Golden

You heard right. Go for the GOLD. From your wrapping paper to your gorgeous golden candles.

You can even purchase gold food spray to add a gold shimmer to your brownies or other birthday confections.

Hang a gold disco ball and have a little dance party with a glittery gold disco ball on a golden dance floor. Don’t forget these cute hanging streamers made of gold stars to display everywhere.

Viet 8 Inch Mirror Disco Ball Great for Stage Lighting Effect or as a Room decor. (Gold)

If you are having a party go with gold decor and snacks to make the day even more memorable.

Here’s a whole birthday decoration kit, that is full of all the gold goodies. It has a gorgeous Happy Birthday sign, golden colored puff balls, gold confetti balloons, gold metallic balloons, a tassel banner and more.

Happy Birthday Party Decorations Set, Gold Birthday Decorations with Happy Birthday Banner, Paper Flowers, Confetti Metallic Latex Balloons, Hanging Swirls for Kids Girls Women Birthday Party Decor

Birthday Cake

Can’t forget your birthday cake! You can make any cake a Golden Birthday cake with a fun cake topper that says Happy Golden Birthday in gold glitter writing to stick with your golden theme. You can also make your favorite cake and add some gold glitter sprinkles or other edible gold toppings.

1 PCS Happy Golden Birthday Cake Topper Gold Glitter Birthday Cake Pick for Celebrating Birthday Anniversary Theme Party Cake Decorations Supplies

Yard Sign

Ever since corona started I have a love for a good yard sign. It lets everyone know that you are celebrating something special at your house.

You can use yard sign golden decorations like the ones pictured below or the words, “Happy Birthday” in gold spread across your front lawn.

You can also order personalized yard signs with their age or even with their picture on it.

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Goodie bags

Don’t forget the gold party favors! Depending on the ages of your guests, you will have different favors for friends and family members. You can do simple things like decorated cookies in the shape of whatever golden birthday year you’re celebrating and decorate them with gold tinted icing. If you want little trinket gifts to toss in with the cookies, try giving out a golden medal to each guest, you could even customize it with different things you love about them. Number 1 brother, Number 1 candy stealer, Number 1 book reader, Number 1 dancer, etc. think of fun and silly things to add to those medals or other small gifts to give to your guests.

Golden Birthday Gift Ideas

Need some fun birthday gifts that are gold? Try an initial necklace that is gold, or a gold karaoke microphone. Either of these would be great gifts.

Use one or two of these gold boxes as a fun way to wrap up your gold gift for the birthday boy or girl. And, add a golden birthday card to really seal the deal.

It’s never a bad idea to grab a personalized gift that is gold.

So many easy ways to celebrate the birthday boy or girl with all of these golden birthday ideas!

​What are some fun Golden Birthday Party Ideas

There are plenty of fun and creative golden birthday party ideas to make the celebration extra special. Here are a few suggestions:

Golden treasure hunt: Organize a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt with golden clues leading to hidden treasures or golden surprises. This interactive activity will keep the guests engaged and excited.

Golden attire: Encourage guests to dress in golden attire, such as gold-colored outfits, accessories, or even costumes. It adds a touch of elegance and makes everyone feel like a part of the golden celebration. You could get a DJ or karaoke machine going and have a golden dance party. 

Golden games: Arrange various golden-themed games and activities to keep the party lively. Some ideas include a gold coin toss, pin the gold on the treasure chest, or a gold-themed trivia game. These are all great games for younger kids. 

Golden favors: Prepare golden goody bags or party favors for the guests. Fill them with golden candies, small gold trinkets, or personalized golden keychains. It’s a great way to thank them for being a part of the celebration.

Golden treats: Serve a delectable spread of golden-themed treats and desserts. From golden cupcakes and cookies to gold-dusted chocolates and cake pops, there are endless possibilities to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.​

Golden Murder Mystery: This is for the older crowd. It’s a fun way to get your guests involved and having fun. You can get one of those murder mystery games in a box and assign characters to each person. Tell them their outfits ahead of time and tell them to do their best to make it golden too. Watch as your guests solve a murder mystery in their fun, gold attire. ​

Golden Escape Room: You could have friends meet you at your local Escape Room place and dress in gold as a group. Or, you can pick up an Escape Room in a Box game and play it together at home. Again, you can all be dressed in gold to help bring the theme all the way through. This is a great idea for those born later in the month who are a little older and want a fun way to keep your guests entertained at your birthday party!

Golden awards ceremony: Create your own golden awards ceremony where you recognize each guest for their unique qualities or accomplishments. Give out golden medals or certificates with fun and silly titles like “Best Golden Smile” or “Golden Dancing Star.”

Remember, the key is to have fun and let the golden theme shine throughout the party. With these golden birthday party ideas, you’ll create a memorable and enjoyable celebration for the birthday boy or girl. 

If You Missed a Golden Birthday

All is not lost if your child’s golden birthday was on their 10th birthday and they are now 17. You can celebrate a double or triple golden birthday.

A double golden birthday is when you simply double your age for your golden birthday. So that 10th golden birthday we missed could be celebrated when he turns 20.

Already missed the double golden birthday as well. You can also celebrate a triple golden birthday. For that child whose golden birthday was on the 10th he can celebrate his triple golden birthday when he turns 30!

Isn’t it fun learning all about the other fun birthdays you can celebrate over the years? Want to find out about another one you can get excited to learn about?

Then, you must check out this Platinum birthday, another fun celebration!

What is a Platinum Birthday?

A platinum birthday has a similar concept of golden birthdays. Instead of it being the day that your birthday is, it is the year of your birth.

So, when you turn the age of your birth year, that is your platinum birthday. Platinum birthdays may also be called your Biddean birthday.

For example, if you were born in 1989, your platinum birthday is when you turn 89 years old. If you were born in 2008, your 8th birthday is your platinum birthday.

So, if you’re getting ready to plan your upcoming birthday, check to see if it’s your golden or platinum birthday so you can choose one of these appropriate birthday themes for your upcoming party.

Birthdays are made to be celebrated. Add another layer of excitement to them by celebrating golden birthdays. Whether it’s your first, double or triple golden birthday. Any reason to celebrate is a good one!

think we all have to agree that this golden birthday brings a little extra shine and is one of the most exciting party themes out there!

If you need some more party ideas, there is a good chance we have some other party themes you may be interested in.


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