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How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are becoming an increasingly popular trend in home decor. And they are a lovely addition to your bathroom. But they can be so hard to keep clean!

Soap scum and shower grime accumulate seemingly in a matter of days. And no one wants to see that every time they take a shower! Check out these tips for how to clean your glass shower door. And how to keep it clean longer.

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The Best Way to Clean a Glass Shower Door

Wondering how to clean glass shower doors?  Wonder no more, we have a step by step guide to help you through the process.

Choose Your Shower Door Cleaning Products

I am such a fan of vinegar and baking soda as household cleaners. They are so much safer for your family than harsh chemicals. And less expensive too. Add a little dish soap and you can have your shower doors sparkling clean in no time.

A mixture of equal parts distilled white vinegar (heated first) and Dawn dish soap can be put in a spray bottle and applied to your shower door to remove soap scum with minimal scrubbing needed.

How to Clean Your Shower Door the Easy Way

Coat the shower door with the vinegar and dish soap mixture and let it sit and soak for a few minutes before scrubbing off with a microfiber cloth or non-scratchy sponge.

Microfiber cloths are one of my all time favorite cleaning essentials.  You won’t regret adding them to your tool chest.

Please note if your shower is made of stone, vinegar can damage the stone so you may want to choose another cleaning method.

You can also clean your shower door with a mixture of distilled white vinegar and water in equal parts using the same method of spraying and then allowing it to sit before wiping away.

The dish soap helps cut through the soap scum, so without it there might be more scrubbing involved. But it is one less product you need for cleaning.

How to Clean Glass Shower Door Runners

To clean the shower door runners if your shower door is a slider, use a mixture of baking soda and water, and maybe a little lemon juice. 

Apply the mixture as a paste to the shower door runners and the corners of your shower door if needed. Use an old toothbrush to scrub away soap scum and grime from the shower door runners and any nooks and cracks created by the location of the hardware or handle.

clean glass shower door

How to Keep Your Shower Door Sparkling Clean

There are a couple of easy ways to help keep your shower door sparkling clean in between deep cleaning.

One of the most popular is to use a squeegee to remove water from the shower after every use. This is an easy, chemical free way to keep the shower door clean.

But as you’re probably aware, this is a hard habit to maintain. A few days of someone being in a hurry, or forgetting, or running out of patience and the squeegee just doesn’t happen. So you’re left with water stains and soap scum buildup.

To avoid this, there are a couple of products you can use to prevent the buildup of soap scum on your shower door.

How to Prevent Soap Scum from Building Up on Your Shower Door

There’s one thing you may not be thinking of when it comes to cleaning your shower door and that’s baby oil.  Believe it or not, baby oil on shower doors will keep the soap scum away.

Simply soak a cloth in baby oil and wipe down your shower door with it. This will help prevent soap scum from accumulating.  That’s it!

Another way to prevent water stains and soap scum from building up is to use products designed to wick away water. Products like Rain-X and Water Armour are designed to wick water away from your windshield. And they can do the same thing with a glass shower door!

You can find these products in the automotive department. Spray these products on the glass after cleaning it thoroughly. Try to avoid spraying the walls or floor of your shower.

This product should wick water away from the surface of the glass. And prevent the buildup of soap scum and water stains.

Apply this product again about once a month after cleaning and you should be able to stretch out the time between cleanings of your shower door.

How to Clean a Glass Shower Door

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