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How to Clean a Messy House (Spring Cleaning When You Feel Overwhelmed)

Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming when you are a busy mom. Heck, regular cleaning can feel overwhelming for busy moms.  How do you get started when spring cleaning feels like such a big job? And how do you know what you should be cleaning?  How do you start cleaning a messy house anyway?

Plus, who has extra time for additional cleaning? Consequently thinking of all these questions can make you feel like just giving up! But we are here to help break it down for you and give you some tips to help you get started without being overwhelmed. 

Spring cleaning
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How to Clean a Messy House

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Let’s take a look at how to clean a messy house, and break things down to be a lot easier.

Decide What’s Important to You

Before even breaking out the cleaning supplies, take some time and figure out what areas you feel need to be cleaned. What’s an area in your house that you just don’t seem to have time to get to?

Make a list of all the places you’d like to deep clean this spring. Would it be great to deep clean every square inch of your home every spring? Of course! But busy moms need to think more realistically and not set ourselves up for an impossible task. 

Make a Plan

spring cleaning plan

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If you hop on the internet and do a search on “spring cleaning,” you’ll soon be overwhelmed with a seemingly impossible list of things to do. Since you’ve identified areas that are important to you, start there. If you are looking for cleaning checklists and tips you’ll be able to search on just those areas.

If bedrooms are a priority, just search for bedroom cleaning tips. Once you collect all the information you need from the internet, sit down and make a plan.  After that, write out each room or area that you plan to clean. For each room, write out step by step what you want to accomplish in each area. Working with a detailed plan will help you from getting overwhelmed. 

Take it One Room at a Time

Looking at the entire picture is sure to make you feel overwhelmed. Focus on one room at a time, one room at a time. Go through your list and cross items out as you go. If you start losing momentum, take a look at the progress you made. 

Give Yourself Reasonable Deadlines

Setting deadlines is a great way to keep you on track with your spring cleaning checklist. It’s important for you to schedule blocks of time to clean. Set reminders on your calendar. But, make sure when you set deadlines that they are reasonable. With children come frequent interruptions. Plan for these. Add in a buffer of time for family interruptions. 

Stop Preparing and Start Cleaning

spring cleaning tips

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If you are getting overwhelmed you may need to just get organized and come up with a spring cleaning plan.  But, at some point, you need to just get started! Don’t let the prep work get too involved so that you never get started. 

Spring cleaning can be hard to fit in to a busy mom’s schedule. Break down the process into simpler steps to avoid becoming overwhelmed. 

spring cleaning tips


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