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How To Clean Blinds and Shades

Many surfaces in the home don’t get cleaned often enough. This may just because they get overlooked–or it may be that they are difficult to clean and it it a daunting task! Some of those surfaces are touched over and over again. Two surfaces that almost never get cleaned are shades and blinds. They get repeatedly used, but sometimes they never get cleaned! This can create a harbor for germs and dust.

how to clean blinds

Easy Tips to Clean Blinds and Shades

Light Touch Ups

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Blinds especially can gather dust no matter what room they are in. This is why it’s vitally important to dust them off on a weekly basis. This can be done with a simple microfiber cloth misted with water.

A better bet is to use a duster that is specifically designed for dusting blinds such as a Swiffer duster. The unique shape of the Swiffer duster fits perfectly between blinds, so it is super easy to get it done fast. 

Shades can also be touched up by also using a microfiber cloth. Bleach wipes work well, too, just make sure that they won’t damage the material the shade is made out of. 

Vacuum cleaners are another tool that you can utilize for upkeeping the cleanliness of your shades and blinds. Brush attachments are gentle and can suck and excess debris without hurting anything.

Something Deeper

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Despite keeping up on weekly touch-ups, you will likely have to do a more thorough cleaning every so often. 

For blinds, remove them entirely from the window. In the meantime, run the bathtub full of hot water. Place the blinds into the water and then add some dish soap. About a cup will do! For extra cleaning, sprinkle some baking soda into the water as well. Let the blinds sit in the water for about 45 mins.

Lift them out of the water and rinse them off with clean water. 

Think Outside the Box

There are a million different ways to clean your shades and blinds. But, let’s face it, sometimes time is of the essence! With that in mind, here are a few quick ways to get the job done:

  • Mix each part of warm water and vinegar in a bucket. Take a clean tube sock and dip the top part into the mixture. Try not to oversoak the sock, though, as it will drip. Rub each blade quickly the sock. One pass should be enough to effectively clean each blade. 
  • Baby wipes! These things have way more than one use as all moms already know! Wipe each blade down with a clean wipe. You should only need like 3-4 wipes for this, too!
  • You can apply these same methods for shades. Instead, work in a circular motion while cleaning the surface of the shade. 
  • Bring the blinds outside and hose them down with a light setting on your hose. This will keep your bathtub from getting dirty and then they can dry out in the warm sun. 

Unique Materials Consideration

To make cleaning more efficient and less work, it might be time to upgrade your vinyl shades and blinds. There are so many different kinds of shades and blinds on the market nowadays. 

Some other options include wood and bamboo. Both of these create a natural look to your home that can be hard to replicate with plastic or vinyl. Wooden and bamboo blinds can be cleaned with cleaners made specifically for wood. Dilute these cleaners in warm water. Wipe each blade down with a dampened cloth. 

Metal blinds are another option when seeking out new blinds. These types of blinds can be cleaned very similarly to stainless steel appliances. Rubbing alcohol can be used to gently remove stubborn stains on metal. Wieman brand also makes easy-to-use stainless steel wipes, which can be used in the previously mentioned baby wipes. 

Linen shades are another great material choice because they are super easy to upkeep! They can be taken off regularly and tossed into the warm. This makes the need for dusting or vacuuming caput! Plus, imagine how wonderful the room will smell with freshly washed linen shades!

Things To Consider

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There a few things you can do to cut down on the amount of cleaning you have to do of your shades and blinds as well. 

Run an air purifier in rooms where a lot of dust tends to accumulate. This will not only keep the air fresh and clean, but it will cut down on the amount of dust and debris that will end up resting on blinds. 

Vacuuming regularly can help maintain the overall cleanliness of a room. This can carry over to your blinds! The less dust, pet hair and other debris in the room the less work it will be to clean things like window fixtures, furniture, and bedding. 

During the daytime, open shades and blinds. When they are pulled up, they are most apt to stay clean. Of course, always consider your privacy – if you live in a busy city, have close neighbors, or prefer darker lighting then this might not be for you. However, letting sunlight into your home, especially during darker months of the year like January and February can bring in much-needed sunlight and even help boost your mood.

More and more people are choosing not to include blinds and shades in their home decor. While modern versions are necessary for rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms, consider nixing them all together in more common rooms such as living rooms or dining rooms. Instead, opt for cotton or burlap curtains that can be closed for privacy, without the added clutter of blinds and shades. Sometimes the hardware needed to mount either blinds or shades can be damaging to the window frame as well. These are all important to consider!


Eliminating blinds and shades also cuts down on the worry that can sometimes come with cords. If you have small children in your home, this is another reason to ditch them all together! Of course, now many brands make these items without cords, too.


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