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How to Clean Concrete Garage Floor and Keep It Clean!

It’s great to have an organized garage but it won’t actually feel clean unless the concrete garage floor is clean. Follow these steps to clean your garage floor and keep it clean!

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The garage is one area of the house that can be very difficult to keep clean. There’s dirt, debris and other yucky stuff that gets tracked in by vehicles, bikes, people and other equipment. The concrete garage floor is particularly hard to keep clean because of this, so here are a few easy tips to help get and keep the floor in your garage clean:

Wet Sweep the Floor

concrete garage floor

Grab the biggest push broom you can find.  Do one pass through the entire garage. Make sure you are either making piles of dirt to sweet into a dustpan or just sweep it directly outside. Next, take a water bottle that has a pop-up squirt top on it and fill it with warm water. It’s time to make another pass through the garage, but this time as you are doing so, squirt a small amount of warm water on the floor in front of the broom before you push it. This will allow any dirt/dust to collect into the beads of water and cut down on the amount of dust that will cloud up the garage. Continue this process for the entire garage floor. This will allow you to have a mostly clean surface for the mopping that’s to come next.

Use a Good Degreaser

mopping the concrete garage floor

Pick your favorite degreaser, such as 409 or Pine-Sol, a bucket of very hot water and a mop. Dump a good amount of the degreaser into the bucket of hot water and go to town! Make sure you cover the concrete garage floor to make sure you get the entire area nice and clean. This is going to be the most important step in getting the floor to where it needs to be.

Consider Making a Change

If you really want to keep your garage floor cleaner longer, consider making a change to the floor itself. One of the best ways you can do this is by investing in an epoxy floor system. This type of flooring will make the floor non-porous and much easier to clean. But, this type of flooring will not work for every garage!

There are several tests that have to be done on the floor before you can decide if epoxy is a good fit for your space. Also, epoxy flooring can add up depending on whether you do it yourself or hire out the job. Be sure to look into the costs and how much it would cost to do the square footage of your garage and weigh out the pros and cons of this type of flooring. Some other options could be to lay high traffic area rugs in certain areas of the garage or even rubber flooring that can be laid in a similar fashion.

A simple way to keep your garage floor clean is to make the sweeping and mopping with a good degreaser a regular occurrence. If you do it at least one time per month your garage floor should stay in good shape and remain clean the vast majority of the year.

How to Clean Concrete Garage Floor and Keep It Clean





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