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How to Clean Your Gas Stove Top

After dinner kitchen cleanup can be a downright pain; one area that is often neglected in the cleanup process is the stove top. Gas stove tops can be particularly hard to clean fast and efficiently.

How to Clean Your Gas Stove 

If you have a gas stove, here are a few tips how to clean your gas stove top more organized and efficiently.

Remove Any Hazards

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The first step in cleaning any modern day gas stove or range top is to remove the metal burner grates. In a sink filled with warm water, add your favorite dish detergent to create a sudsy pool. Place the heating grates in there to soak while you get to town on the stove top.

Next, remove all leftover dishes or spices that you may keep on the back of the stove top as well.

Pick Your Product

Before going to town on the cleaning, assess the status of your stove top. Does it have a bunch of caked on grease or spills leftover from meals from the past week or month? Well, then you will need a stronger cleaner for a job like that. Try something such as Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser or Method Kitchen Degreaser.

Spray the really caked on areas thoroughly with a degreaser of your choice, let it sit on the gunk for several minutes and then wipe it off with a wet sponge or paper towels. You may also need to use a sponge with a scour pad side, but be careful not to scrub the surface too hard with something like a Brillo pad, as it will leave scratches.

If your gas stove top just need a quick once over, you might want to spray the entire area with a lighter product such as Weiman Gas Range Cleaner or even a water/vinegar mixture that you make yourself.

how to clean your gas stove top


Get Down and Dirty

Once you have scrubbed the majority of leftovers or other spills left on the stove top, next you will want to focus on the smaller details. On most modern gas stove, you can pull the burner knobs right off.

Take a microfiber towel or wash cloth, spray it with any of the previously mentioned degreasers or even an all purpose spray, and wipe the back and front of the stove. Don’t get the cloth overly wet, but just enough so that as you wipe the surface you are removing any debris or dust.

If you were able to remove the knobs, be sure to wipe all around that area as well since they are often neglected.

Polishing and Finishing

The last step in how to clean your gas stove top  is to give it a good polishing to prevent future messes and to give it a nice shine. Weiman Cook Top Max or Imperial Stove Polish work well for this!

Once the surface is dry, clean the metal heating grates that were soaking in the sink. Let them air dry in dish strainer or on some kitchen towels and replace them once they are dry.

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how to clean your gas stove top


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