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How To Cut Watermelon, Mango, and Avocado

Tired of making a mess while cutting fruits or vegetables? Here is how to cut watermelon, mango, and avocado and make less of a mess.


When I cut watermelon I can make it into triangles or cubes but not without making a huge mess. Surely there is a better way to cut a watermelon without leaving rinds and juice in my wake. In my search for a better way I stumbled across this fancy trick for cutting watermelon into triangles. First, cut the ends off the watermelon. second, cut it in half. Third, cut it into fourths. Lastly, slice the fourths into triangles. Boom! Done. Easy as that.

Delish Ethan Calabrese
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If you are going for the cubed look start by cutting your watermelon in half and then into fourths. Next cut the watermelon from one side to the other following the angle of the melon (as pictured below). Do this on both sides of the melon creating a crosshatch pattern. Next slice the watermelon top to bottom stopping when you reach the rind. In one inch slices. Then run your knife along the rind releasing the watermelon cubes. I tried this trick the other day and it worked like a charm.

Lil’ Luna


I saw a big box of mangos at Costco the other day and had to have them. The only problem is I can’t manage to cut one up without it slipping out of my hands and making a mango mess everywhere. Then I learned this new trick. First you cut off the “cheeks” of the mango. Didn’t know mangos had cheek. But alas, they do. It’s the rounded sides of the mango. After cutting the cheeks off from the pit cut off the smaller sides.

Jessica Gavin

You now have 4 pieces of mango. Take each piece and score it in one direction and then the other (as pictured below).

Simply Recipes

The final step is removing the fruit from the skin. You can do this by turning the mango skin inside out and carefully cutting the mango cubes away from the skin. Or you can simply scoop out the cubes with a spoon. Easy peasy right.

Ambitious Kitchen


If you have accomplished the small feat of needing an avocado when one happens to be ripe you are already a winner. Now, to cut it. Start by slicing into the avocado and around the pit. Once the avocado is cut all the way around give it a little twist and pull the 2 halves apart. The classic way to remove the pit is to hit it with a knife. The knife will stick into the pit and then you can pull it out. This could end badly if you aren’t careful. A good tip is to cover your hand with a towel (as pictured below). Once the pit is removed score the avocado sides like you did to the mango. Then scoop out with a spoon.

Sweet Peas And Saffron

If you are wanting to slice your avocado start by peeling the skin off and putting it pit side down on your cutting board. Then slice away.

Sweet Peas and Saffron

Some of the yummiest things to eat can be the trickiest to cut. How to cut watermelon, mango and avocado won’t be a problem any longer. With less of a mess you can get to enjoying your fruits and vegetables faster.

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