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How To Organize Your Craft Room

Crafting is a fun way to practice a creative outlet or to make something that can produce a supplemental income. However, if your crafting space or room has become increasingly disorganized it can be difficult to get any projects done.

How to Organize Your Craft Room

If you need some tips how to organize your craft room and get back on track with your crafting and/or creative side, check these out:

Create a Defined Work Space

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Although some people are lucky enough to have an actual entire room devoted to crafting, most of the time a crafting room is shared with another part of the house. For example, a toy room or laundry room. Therefore, the need for an actual crafting space in the room is highly important.

Pick a corner in the room or a well lit space by a window and designate that as your “crafting space.” Define the area by setting up a small desk or card table with all of your crafting supplies and gear. Make sure you have access to outlets and the lighting is decent in the spot you pick.

Craft Supplies

Organize and Replenish Supplies

On the desk or table you’ve set up for your stuff, lay out all of your crafting supplies so that you can analyze where everything will be going. Put like objects together so that when the time comes to organize they will be separated by categories.

If there are any items that you are currently out of, but use often, pick them up so that you will be able to find a place for them in the next step.

Keep Things Minimal

When organizing a work space, the key is to keep everything organized and clean. Therefore, with your craft supplies, try to pick boxes, bins and drawers that are easily accessible and as small as possible.

Three drawered plastic containers are wonderful for storing small crafting items such as beads, pins or needles.  For large items, such as paint bottles, skeins of yarn or woodworking pieces large totes or baskets underneath the table or desk would work just fine!

Serving boards or tin cans make excellent storage items for things such as pens, pencils and markers. 

how to organize your craft room

If you want to get really detailed, create a color coding system for where you place items in the craft space. For example, put all knitting supplies in pink containers and all painting supplies in blue ones. By color coding everything, you will be able to find the items you need much quicker or it will be set up for someone else to find supplies with more ease. 

Backup Storage

If you don’t have a closet in the room where you do your crafting, use pieces of furniture to store extra items. Hope chests, benches with storage spaces below the seats and makeshift spice cabinets can be great places to store additional supplies.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of craft sales at stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. With backup storage options, you can buy many items in bulk and never be stopped mid project. 

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