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How To Host a Baby Shower

Do you need help planning or hosting a baby shower? We can help you know where to start!

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So you’ve been tasked with planning a baby shower for your sister, best friend or daughter? It’s an honor to be the one to plan and implement the celebration of a new life on the way. Baby showers are lots of fun. They are a great way to help set up the new parents with all of the much-needed items they will need for the arrival of their new little human. Yet, that doesn’t mean planning one is not somewhat stressful. Here are a few tips to help with the planning:

Talk to the Honoree

Before you begin any planning, you must first talk to the expecting mother (and father). Assuming, you’ve already been designated or asked to plan the shindig, it’s time to really ask the mom and dad to be what they’d like to see from the event. Do you they want a Jack and Jill shower or a traditional women only one? Ask them if they would like you to have a certain theme. Do they want games offered to guests?  Ask for their ideas on where they would like to see the event held, as well as a few dates and times that might work. It might also be good to ask them if they mind you taking a little leeway and surprising them with a few things at the shower: food choices, color themes, etc. Once you have the input of the honoree, you will have a nice jumping off point with the rest of the planning.

Break Down the Basics

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The hardest part of the planning will be lining up the venue. This should be the first item on your list. If you have flexibility in the dates, you are more likely to get your venue of choice. When planning the party, also keep in mind the time of day you want to hold it. If you have it midday, you may want to plan to feed lunch to attendees as a courtesy for coming and they will probably be hungry that time of day. If you do an early afternoon baby shower, you might be able to get away with light snacks and sweets. Just make sure you have something on hand for your guests to eat and drink. Besides the venue and the drinks, you may want to delegate out some of the smaller tasks – invitations, games, and prizes to other friends and family that want to help out with the shower too.

The Fine Details

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Some of the most memorable baby showers have gone above and beyond to create an event that is not only lovely but fun. That certainly doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on decorations and other items. Pinterest is full of many unique baby shower parting gift ideas for guests, games to play, and themed-decorating tips. Some party supply stores may have fun games and food items that you can rent as well. For example, maybe a movie theater style popcorn machine might be a fun little addition to the food lineup? Brainstorm some fun little ideas that can make the shower an event to be remembered without having to spend a fortune.

How to Host a Baby Shower



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