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How to Organize your car with this easy to make organizer!

A couple of years back we had this great activity for the ladies at our church where we made these simple yet very useful organizers for our cars. I have loved it and used it so much that I just have to share it with you!

You will need:

One square shaped hot pad with a loop at the top

A large button

Ten snack size Ziploc bags

Double stick tape


Sewing machine or sturdy needle

All the goodies you want to fill it with when you’re done  🙂

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Take a Ziploc bag and put a strip of double stick tape near the bottom of it. Then take another Ziploc bag and place the bottom of it on the tape of the first one so that the openings of each bag are opposite from each other.Slide1 Then put another strip of double stick tape on the bottom of that bag and take another Ziploc bag and place it facing the opposite direction of the last one. Keep alternating bags facing one way, then the other until all of your bags are taped together. Five of them will be facing one way and the other five will be facing the opposite way, all of them stuck together at the bottom of the bags. (I hope that made sense.)zigzag stich in the middle



Take all of those Ziploc bags and center them in the middle of your hot pad. With your sewing machine zigzag stitch those to your hot pad or hand stitch them so that they are securely attached in the middle of the hot pad.



button placement



Next fold the hot pad over and line up the spot where the loop of the hot pad will reach the other side and sew your button on there so that you can hook the loop over the button to keep it closed when it’s folded in half.



Now comes the fun part! Take all those small items that you need in your car like spare change, medicine, Shout wipes (they remove stains from your clothes in a pinch), medicine for a headache and so on. I have used everything in there from the small sewing kit to the hand warmers. In fact, we used up all of our Bandaids and alcohol wipes last week while we were out-of-town, now would be a good time for me to add more.

goodies inside each baggoodies to put inside All of these things fit nicely in each little Ziploc bag and are easy to locate by just flipping through the bags, like you would pages in a book.



After you button it up it’s nice and compact and fits into a glove compartment with ease! Mine isn’t very pretty but it gets the job done by keeping all those little things organized in my van. Who knows maybe one day I’ll have a MacGyver moment where the paperclips, matches and tampon will save us from impending doom! :- )

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