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How To Remove Hair From Carpet Without Vacuum 

It is a natural bodily function for the human to have hair fall. Cleaning up hair from tiles and hardwood floors can be pretty easy, but a vacuum is typically required for cleaning carpets. But how would you remove hair from a carpet without a vacuum? 

There are various ways to remove hair from a carpet without a vacuum, such as using a wet rubber glove, stiff brush, a lint roller, a damp sponge, carpet rake, rubber squeegee, patting strips of tape, or spraying a fabric softener solution and brushing the carpet out with a broom or brush. 

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When you don’t have a vacuum to suck up hair from the vacuum, you have to get creative and improvise using other items available to you around your household and make what you have work. 

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Can You Remove Hair From Carpet Without A Vacuum? 

There a several tools and techniques you can apply for cleaning carpets without a vacuum. Whether you don’t have a vacuum available to you or you don’t want to use one (maybe it is damaging to the type of carpet you have), you can get creative and use items around the house to get the hair out of your carpet, while cleaning, and freshening it up. 

Below are various tools and techniques you can use to remove hair from a carpet: 

Fabric Softener Solution Spray 

Using a fabric softener solution to clean your carpet is a manual method of shampooing the carpet without a vacuum machine. Here is how you make and use it on your carpet to remove hair: 

  • You will need one part fabric softener to three parts water. 
  • Add the water to a spray bottle and the fabric softener.
  • Mix it without vigorously shaking it so it can combine without creating too much foam. 
  • Spray the mixture on your carpet and leave it for a few minutes. Don’t overspray; you don’t want your carpet to be soaked – just misted. 
  • Use items such as rubber gloves, a brush, a squeegee, sponge (all explained in the following points) to clean the hair out of the carpet. 

The fabric softener solution makes it easier to pick up the hair while cleaning and freshening your carpet. It will also make your carpet smell lovely. 

Wet Rubber Gloves 

Using wet rubber gloves is a convenient way to remove hair from the carpet. The rubber gloves work as friction, and when they are wet, they pick up hair faster because the hair sticks to the gloves. 

You can spray the fabric softener solution and use rubber gloves to help the gloves glide better without damaging the carpet. Ensure to wear gloves, you can use one or two hands, and you can get someone to help. It is also a fantastic way to get kids involved in cleaning. 

A Carpet Rake 

A carpet rake is probably the easiest item to use for removing hair from the carpet. You might not have one around the house, but you can purchase one if needed. It is similar to a garden rake but with smaller, less harsh bristles for your carpet. 

It gets into the fluff and crevices of the carpet, allowing it to lift out as much hair as possible. It is similar to sweeping but more effective for carpets. You can be more efficient by following up with the rubber gloves and fabric softener solution to get any remaining hair out of the carpet. 

A Stiff Or Silicon Brush 

A stiff cleaning brush or one with silicone brushes is another effective tool to remove hair from carpets without a vacuum. You would brush the carpet as you would sweep, but with small strokes to lift out hair from between the carpet. A soft brush will have difficulty getting all the hair out, but one with more rigid bristles works well. 

Spray the fabric softener solution to create further effectiveness, and get a manual carpet shampoo. This helps you get a scrubbing system and lift as much hair as possible. 

A Rubber Squeegee 

A rubber squeegee is a fantastic item for removing hair from carpets. It works similarly to rubber gloves, and if you have one with a long pole, you can save yourself a tired or sore back. If your carpet is delicate, you don’t want to use the rubber squeegee alone; you can keep a fabric softener solution nearby or spray the carpet before you start. 

If you don’t have a fabric softener or don’t want to use it, you can use plain water or a vinegar solution. The fabric softener makes it easy to get through the carpet without excessively pulling on your carpet thread, wool, etc. It also makes your carpet smell wonderful and acts as a shampoo. 

A Lint Roller 

A lint roller can pick up hair from the carpet, but you may want to use this technique for small areas or smaller rugs. It would take a long while and be challenging to complete large areas. You would also use a lot of the roll, and it won’t necessarily pick up hair from deep in the carpet. 

If you use a lint roller to remove hair from the carpet without a vacuum, try to get the largest lint roller you can find, especially if you use it on larger sections or carpets. 

Strips Of Tape 

Here is probably the most daunting method of removing hair from a carpet without a vacuum. Pressing strips of tape onto your carpet or rug to get the hair out will work, but it is not as effective unless you take time and repeat each section a few times. 

If you plan on cleaning hair from a small area of your carpet, the tape could work pretty efficiently. If it is also your only option, it is worth doing instead of having hair stuck in your carpet. The tape will also pick up a lot of dust and other fluff or thread from your carpets but may not lift out all the hair from the crevices.  


The above methods are creative and effective methods of removing hair from carpets without a vacuum. Choose an option based on the size of your carpet or the area you want to clean. Use what is available and easy for you by improvising. 

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