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Keurig Pod Holders

Top 10 Keurig Coffee Pod Holders 

If you’re anything like me, you just can’t do without that refreshing cup of coffee in the morning. Almost on auto-pilot, the first thing we all do in the morning is turn our Keurig on and go for our favorite coffee pod.

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Considering how cranky we can get without our daily doses of caffeine, the last thing you want to deal with is sifting through multiple coffee pods first thing in the morning in search of the one you want. 

So, we’ve gathered for you our top 10 Keurig pod holders to help you declutter and reorganize your coffee-making space.

Everie Coffee Pod Storage Carousel Holder Organizer Compatible with 40 Keurig K-Cup Pods

If both the coffee machine and pods are K-labelled, then shouldn’t the pod holder be as well? It just makes sense to have everything Keurig. 

This coffee pod holder is easy to clean and is super low-maintenance. It can also store up to 27 pods, which means you’ll enjoy easy access to your collection of coffee pods and you’ll be able to find your favorite one right away. 

This carousel pod holder also has a sleek, black design for those who care about aesthetics and would like an eye-pleasing addition to their coffee corner. Plus, it won’t take up that much space.

Not sold yet? This product is multi-functional. Not only can you use it to store away your coffee pods but your Keurig mugs and cups as well.

Keurig Carousel, Black

This pod holder is a more modernized version of the one above. We’d recommend it to people with modern-themed coffee corners or spaces.

At a slightly lesser price, this black and grey, plastic pod holder can store 30 K-cups. It displays them as a vertical tower, hence the name. 

With this pod holder, you can organize your coffee pods how you see fit and enjoy a 360 seamless spinning experience with the lazy-susan base to go through your options with ease.

In other words, the easy, hand-on access to the coffee pods displayed is both convenient and organized. And did we mention how stylish the design is?

Keurig 5000351185 K-Cup Whirl Carousel Coffee Pod holder, 49, Black

Our final carousel choice, we promise! Can you blame us, though? They’re a smooth and fun experience. And above all, stylish!

What makes this Keurig carousel different? At a slightly higher price than the others, this one can display 50 K-pods! It also provides convenient 360 rotation.

The design is as stylish as they come. With a wooden base, and metal wires that whirl around and beautifully display your pods. It’ll definitely add class to your coffee corner.

4. Stackable Keurig Coffee Pod Holder

mDesign Stackable Kitchen Box Organizers for Coffee Pods, Tea Bags - Set of 2, Divided, Clear

Calling all hardcore coffee fanatics and caffeine addicts, this pod holder was made especially for you!

Having a much less complicated design, this holder comes with division lines inside to separate between all your coffee choices from french vanilla to green mountain. It can store up to 30 coffee pods.

It’s also important to note that this pod holder isn’t only budget-friendly, but also flaunts a simple, clear design that complements most coffee machines, and takes up little counter and or cabinet space.

As an added measure, you get another organizer for your tea bags, which you can put out for any tea-loving guests you may have. And, you won’t find a hard time cleaning either holder.

Because of its convenient design and light weight, it’d be easy to carry your favorite coffee flavors around with you; maybe even show them off at your office!

5. Automatic K-Cup Dispenser

Solofill Mysolopad Automatic Single serve Cups Dispenser for Coffee Pod

Maybe you’re not as much of a carousel fan as we thought, after all. Maybe you’d like a more automated option. We’ve got you covered with the Automatic K-Cup Dispenser from Solofill. 

This K-Cup pod dispenser features a classy glass cover and a black, modern design suitable for most kitchens and offices.

This super cool, super convenient dispenser can hold 42 coffee pods. This means that all your coffee cravings and that of your guests or coworkers will be covered.

And if that wasn’t enough, because of its minimalistic design, you can easily place it under the coffee machine or even hang it above it. This way, it won’t take up much space and be easily accessible for all.

6. Lipper Coffee Pod Basket

Lipper International 5 Ring Hanging Coffee Pod Basket, Chrome

Another multifunctional product that can make our mornings a little less rushed and a little more easy is the Lipper Coffee Pod Basket, which also serves as a fruit basket.

But you don’t have to use it as a fruit basket, although doing so will give you access to a quick, healthy, on-the-go breakfast to go with your coffee in the morning. You can use it to store other breakfast alternatives like protein bars, or a less healthy option such as Oreos.

And if you’re a skip-breakfast person, utilize that basket to store more of your coffee and tea pods. All in all, this holder can pack around 36 pods!

The metal-wired, carousel design makes it easy to clean, hard to damage, and rotatable. We’d recommend it for office spaces because of its duality.

7. Keurig 5092 K-Cup Storage Dispenser

Keurig 5092 K-Cup Storage Dispenser, Black/Clear

Are you as lazy as you are a coffee lover? Would you like your cup of joe as fast as possible in the morning but also can’t be bothered to organize all your cups in carousels and pod holders?

At a higher price than the others, Keurig offers a bigger and better-automated pod dispenser. It’s a bit on the heavier and bigger side, but that means more coffee pods and less clutter!

Since it’s not just one dispenser this time, but two, you can store up to 48 coffee pods! And to save you the time and pain of deciding which coffee you’d like to have, this storage dispenser will automatically dispense the first pod available so you can get to brewing.

The design is quite simple. In keeping with other Keurig products, it’s black and grey colored, with a transparent front to easily spot what pods are in the front.

8. Adhesive K-Cup Pod Holder

Coffee Pod Pad-Easy Storage Holder Organizer | Inside or Under Cabinets Saves Counter Space in Kitchen Home Office RV | 27 Capacity Compatible With K-Cups

For coffee lovers who live in small apartments, college dorms, or work in tiny offices with not much kitchen room, this is the K-cup holder for you.

It’s the ultimate choice for small spaces since it doesn’t take up either counter or cabinet space. Rather, just peel it and stick it wherever is within your hand’s reach, be it the side of the fridge, the inside or outside of cabinet doors, or maybe the side of your coffee machine. 

It comes in a stack of three and they display nine K-cups each. That’s a total of 21 coffee pods if you’re wondering. Its tan color goes well with most old-fashioned and rustic kitchens, but it won’t clash with modern-themed ones either. 

9. Keurig Storage Holder

Keurig Under Brewer Storage Drawer, Coffee Pod Storage, Holds Upto 35 Keurig K-Cup Pods, Black

Optimize your coffee experience with the help of the Keurig storage drawer. With a capacity of 35 K-cup pods per drawer, it has five dividers for better organization of your coffee.

Its surface is big enough to be utilized in creative ways. You can put your coffee machine on top of it and have an ideal coffee station with immediate access to your coffee.

If not that, you can store it easily nearby since it’s designed to not take up much space. Speaking of design, its black color will go well with your coffee machines, and its wheeled drawer won’t be difficult to handle.

Made of strong metal, it should last longer and be easy to clean and maintain the top of.

10. Keurig Coffee Station

Keurig K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Storage Unit, Coffee Storage, Holds up to 12 ounces of Ground Coffee & 12 K-Cup Pods, Black

Perfect for those who enjoy both instant and brewed coffee, this coffee station is the ideal storage saver for both.

The design is compact, multi-functional, and modern. It comes with two premium glass canisters to hold either your coffee beans or ground coffee. The small one holds around 12 oz of coffee, while the bigger one holds 16 oz.

Not a fan of ground coffee? No worries! The canisters, along with the station’s drawer, will hold up to 27 K-pods. You can also use the canisters for storing condiments you like to add to your coffee such as sugar.

Picking Your Favorite Keurig Pod Holder

Owning an organized, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient coffee corner will do wonders for your morning routine. That’s why we highly recommend getting a pod holder to help make your mornings easier.

There are so many  ideal Keurig pod holders to go with your K-cups and machines, and you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs here. Make sure to pick according to your budget, kitchen or workspace, and of course, how much of a caffeine addict you are (or tea addict or hot cocoa addict)

Maybe don’t forget your tea-loving friends, guests, and or colleagues, and pick an option that will please everyone. But if your coffee needs will be unsated, stick with what’s best for you.

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