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A food storage plan that works for everyone!

canned-meal.bmp I’m working really hard to build up a food storage. The earthquake in China and higher gas/grocery prices have made me happy to have rice and wheat in the basement. But I’m trying to be more organized about it.

I decided to think of 7 meals I could make with mostly non-perishable items and then calculate how much of each ingredient I’ll need to have a year supply of each meal. I’ve used the Daily Home Planner to help (because you can put in your menu and it will generate the shopping list for you).

The plan then becomes my food storage inventory log. After I get what’s on the list, I put that portion of the list in the basement and mark it off when I remove something so I know what I need to replace.

So far, it seems to be a pretty good plan. I have a year’s supply of two meals; spaghetti and pancakes. I can’t tell you the peace of mind this is giving me.

I figure with this 7-meal plan and a stock of Peanut M&Ms (plain for my son and husband), we should be able to weather any market fluctuations or natural disasters.

I’ve been wanting to have some food storage for a long time but I had to figure out a plan that would really work for me. This seems to be the one. It doesn’t break my budget and I’m storing things I know I’ll eat.

I took an Economics course recently and my instructor talked about how she invests in stocks and then diversifies by storing wheat in her basement. I must not be the only one who needs the added security.

If you had to survive on the food in your home what do you wish you had an unlimited supply of?

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  • WOW – I haven’t ever thought about this. The first thing that came to mind is coffee – haha!

    But more seriously, I guess I should stockpile some peanut butter, almond butter, canned fruit and vegetables and water.

    Can you write more about what you did? For the spaghetti, do you have pasta and cans of sauce?

    Ann at One Bag Nation’s last blog post..My Rocks are in a Row

  • I love your plan of how to store what you eat and eat what you store. As you build up your food storage, don’t forget spices. Store the spices you use on a regular basis, along with your grains, legumes, oils, sugars, protein sources, and fruits and vegetables. This will give you some flavor if you are living off of your stored foods entirely. If you have a garden, also store garden seeds so that you can perpetuate your food supply. And of course, don’t forget water! You need at least 14 gallons per person for a 2-week supply (that doesn’t really include bathing, just drinking and washing dishes and brushing teeth).

  • I am just completing a 3 month supply of food and toiletries. I got tons of ideas from and today I bought an ebook there that is great. It was $6.95 but gives tons of information and a great calculator the includes all the food groups. I love it.

  • I am looking for a food storage inventory system so I can use my PC to keep track of my food storage usage and purchasing. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thank you,

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