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All Natural and Effective Cleaner Test

Testing different cleaners, to see which ones are the most effective, is actually pretty easy! I have specific dirty spots in my house that are always my testing ground.   These happen to be: top of microwave and bug guts on the wall!  For real, we kill a lot of flies at my house, and it’s pretty nasty.   In full disclosure, I generally choose harsh chemicals, because I’m more interested in getting something spic and span, than I am worried about a cleaner being all natural.  That’s just me.

But if there is an opportunity for a product to be as effective as harsh cleaners and ALSO be natural, I am VERY interested.   That is exactly what I found with Orange House.  While the company did send me their products to test, I was under no obligation or sponsorship to share a positive review.

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So, yesterday was Saturday, and we kind of went crazy, making my kids clean EVERYTHING.. Sort of like spring cleaning in the fall.  My son had the job of cleaning the bugs off of the ceiling.  (in addition to lots of flies, we also get swarms of midges and mosquitoes because we live by a lake.  The swarm the kitchen area where the lights are and I often get crazy with the fly swatter.  Anyway…  a bit too graphic, but he tried 409 and a wet rag, and had to use a LOT of scrubbing to get it clean. Then he tried the Orange House Kitchen Cleaner, and they wiped right off! No kidding. No scrubbing, and a clean wipe.   I said normally, I don’t mind if cleaners have harsh chemicals, but when you are spraying a cleaner above your head on a ceiling, you have to run out of the way, and hold your breath so you don’t inhale the chemical.  (another reason Orange House was great for this job).

The second test is above the microwave.  The grease that settles there does NOT wipe off with  a simple rag.  Many cleaners can not cut through the grease.   A small squeeze of the orange house dish soap however, did the trick!  The top of microwave looks great!

Another great thing about the dish soap- It washed off crusty protein shake from a blender my son never rinsed out! 12 hours later!! It almost rinsed away without scrubbing at all! Plus, their literature says, it’s safe enough to clean your veggies!! I LOVE THAT!


I do love this company and the time and money they’ve put into developing a natural cleaner that ALSO works!  Check them out at My Orange House. Share your experience on social media with #orangehouseyourhouse and you will be entered to win a year of products!

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