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Organize Your Coupons the Lazy Way

I admit it, I’m an extremely lazy couponer.  Sure it’s fun when you get that receipt back that shows how much money you’ve saved, but UGH the cutting, UGH the paper, UGH the trying to figure out how much of what specific size of what I need to purchase.  Mostly, it’s just not going to happen for me.  I have a full time job, 2 blogs, kids, a husband, ain’t no one got time for that!

So, I figured out a way of couponing that works for me.  It is extremely simple, and has nothing to do with that icky paper stuff that clutters up my purse or my house.  Sure, I don’t save as much as the crazy couponers, but I save enough that makes me happy, but doesn’t require me to utilize several precious hours of my day thinking about it.

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The first thing I do is visit the store’s website that I will be visiting.  There are really only 2 grocery stores I visit that are close to my house, and they both have websites.  Even the super small chain that no one outside of Utah has really ever heard of, so I’m pretty sure yours will have one too.


First I login to the website with my membership number.  Most of the time you don’t even need to carry a little thing on your keychains anymore.  Once logged in, I can start “clipping” digital coupons to my account!  Some grocery stores even have an app you can install on your phone where you can clip coupons directly from your phone!

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I love the phone app as well, because when I’m at the store and I do want to see if I have a coupon for something, I can just pull the app up and figure it out right there.

Here’s where I get slightly annoyed though.  Target’s Cartwheel app is great… with one GLARING issue.  You can only have 16 “offers” clipped at any one given time.  I really don’t like this limitation.  Mainly because often I don’t know what is going to end up in my cart when I head to Target.  I’d like to just clip everything I know I typically purchase, and then when I get to the checkout be pleasantly surprised by my savings (remember, I’m a LAZY couponer).  So having the limitation of 16 offers really just annoys me.  So, what I have to do instead is keep my “offers” at zero, and then when I’m at Target, anything that goes in the basket gets scanned by the cartwheel app first to see if there is an offer for that particular item.  If there isn’t I move on, and if there is, then I clip it.  It’s definitely not nearly as easy as I’d like it to be, but still, no paper and it takes a few seconds for each item extra.  And let’s face it… I love hanging out at Target anyway.

So, there you have it.  The absolute laziest way to save a few bucks while doing your grocery shopping.  Happy Shopping!

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