Organize My Bag: Purse Edition + A Giveaway

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Welcome to Organized Mom’s newest series! As women, we have a different bag for every occasion; whether it’s your every day purse, your carry on, or a gym bag. Keeping these bags organized makes them more functional and practical, and also ensures you always have what you need when you’re on the go.
Our first item of business: your every day bag/purse. I’ve been meaning to spruce mine up for awhile now, so I dumped out its contents and it looked like this:
Once you have everything out of your purse, sort through the contents and decide what you want/need in your purse all the time and what doesn’t belong and needs to find a new home.
Next, I compared the items I wanted into my purse to the available spaces in my purse and deliberately determined what should go where.
Those are the basics! Here are a few tips I use to keep my purse organized longer:
Get a purse pod! These compact beauties will ensure that you always have your essentials with you, without taking up a lot of real estate in your bag. Also, when you transfer things between bags, you can grab everything in one efficient swipe! The pod comes with hand sanitizer, bandaids, mint dish, compact mirror, lip balm, and a nail file. I also stick a pair of tweezers, hand lotion, and some emergency cash. I transfer my pod from bag to bag on a weekly basis and am always so glad I have it!
Keep easily tangled items (i.e. charge cords, headphones) in a small pouch. This will keep these them from getting kinked and keep them from making a mess of the rest of your stuff.
Use small, accessible pockets for items you reach for often and/or need to find quickly. I have two pockets in the front of my bag; one holds my phone and the other holds my keys and my chapstick/lipgloss. If you know where your most used items are, you’ll keep your bag organized because you won’t have to riffle and dig around to find your keys while walking to your car.
Keep similar items together. I carry 2-3 book-shaped items with me at all times: my planner, a notebook to jot down ideas in, and my E-Reader. These fit in my bag much nicer and leave room for other things if they are isolated to one side of my purse. If your purse doesn’t have a divider or large, individual pockets you might consider a purse organizer.
Find a home for receipts. I don’t know about you, but it is completely unrealistic to assume I’m going to fold receipts nice and neat and place them in my wallet. They usually end up at the bottom of my bag with various shades of lip gloss all over them. So, I converted the liner pocket of my bag to a receipt keeper. It usually stays unzipped so I can just shove them in and go. On the rare occasion that I need one for a return or to use for budgeting, they are all there and in one piece.

There you have it!

Now for the fun part! To kick off this new series, we have partnered with Purse Pod and they have sponsored an awesome giveaway. The lucky winner will receive one purse pod (in the Sunrise Sunset pattern, my personal favorite) complete with all the essentials your purse needs.


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The giveaway will run from Friday September 25, 2015 through Friday October 1, 2015. 

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