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Organize Your Garage with DIY Wall Solutions

The ability to park your car in the garage is such a nice feeling. The car won’t be blazing hot, or freezing cold when you go to get in it. It is SAFER for your car. It will protect it from break-ins and gasoline theft! Also, if you correctly utilize the space in your garage you will be amazed at how much you can actually store in there (like some food storage!)   So, in order to get your car in the garage, let’s tackle the other items that we like to  store in our garage, and organize it all in a way that allows for maximum space!
To get maximum space in any garage, is to utilize the walls and ceiling of your garage!  Using shelving, and other floor space hogging solutions will not help if you are limited with space.  So, here are the items that you can affix to a wall or ceiling:


Bikes are the number one space hog! Especially if you have kids coming in and out with their bikes on a daily basis.  I’m all for the overhead, ceiling type storage, but it’s not practical if you have to get your 8 year olds bike down every time they go for a ride.  Our preference is a middle ground.  The bikes are still  propped up, giving us more space, without being so high the kids can’t reach their bike themselves.   We built this one with a simple pallett and 2X4s:
pallet bike rack

Misc Sports Equipment

Whether you have a basket of balls, or snowboards and skateboards, getting them off the floor is always a great idea. We built our snowboard rack against the wall, and it doubles as a skateboard rack.
For other sports equipment, like balls and such, we love this idea: (tutorial from us coming soon!)

Yard Supplies

This DIY project is perfect for your yard supplies. Another way to get your tools off the ground, and affix them to the walls of your garage!

Holiday decorations

The perfect spot for boxes you only need to reach seasonally is on the ceiling!  We utilize the space above the garage door, as well as around the edge of the garage.  Label your bins appropriately, so you don’t need to open them before retrieving them.

Food Storage

Love this wall idea for storing canned food!  Full DIY here


And lastly, how can we forget tools.  We’re big fans of the peg boards in the garage.  It’s the perfect place to organize small tools so you can not only see what you have, but return them easily. Check out this DIY from remodelholic!
So, there you have it! The more garage items you can get off the floor and onto the walls and the ceiling, the more space you’ll have for your cars!

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