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Pantry Organization Tips for a Neat Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen neat and organized can be a lot of work and very time consuming. Unused objects always seem to end up on counter tops, in the wrong cabinets or left out entirely. There is a solution! Use these pantry organization tips to keep your kitchen neat and organized!

Downsize and Organize

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Utilize the shelving and floor space in your pantry by getting rid of food items that are no longer good. Additionally, you can take items out of the original packaging and pour it into pantry friendly storage containers to safe space. You can also focus on buying less bulk items and only buy items on an as needed basis. This will help cut down on the amount of extra items that can be taking up useful pantry space.

pantry organization tips


Figure out an organizing system that’ll keep food items in an easy to follow system. Having an organizational system will also make returning items after use much easier and cut down on clutter in the kitchen itself.

Not a Catchall

So often pantries because a catchall for items not related to cooking or cleaning. Try to keep clutter to a minimum in the pantry to allow for more kitchen overflow items to be stored here instead. Think of such items as pet supplies, laundry items or decorations not currently in use. Finding alternative storage places for these might be a little tricky, but get creative as to clear up the space.

As a general rule of thumb, if you haven’t touched an item in 6 months then you should move it out of the pantry. Either relocate it to an attic, basement or closet or throw it away.

Accessible and Practical

The likelihood of young children or teenagers returning items to the pantry instead of leaving them in the kitchen is more likely if it’s not hard. You can make this task simpler by keeping items they regularly use near the opening of the pantry and at their level. For example, if your kiddo eats cereal a lot then keep it on a lower shelf where she can reach it and put it back just as easy. 

pantry organization tips

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Modeling and teaching children where items should be returning will be vital in this as well. It will be of the upmost importance for you to also follow these steps for a neat kitchen. Set practical goals for kids in order to implement this process.

Use Unused Spaces

Another idea is to use the space in the pantry that you don’t often think to use. This can be the floor or even the ceiling! Hangable shelving can be used for lighter items that need storing, but don’t necessarily need to be sat on a shelf. Mountable storage shelves will work in a similar manner and are very easy to install. In reality, the more additional storage you can create within the pantry will equate to less clutter and messes in the kitchen. Keep in mind the pantry can hide clutter way better than the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to keep that neat and organized, too. 

What other pantry organization tips do you use to keep clutter to a minimum?

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