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5 Beauty Tools Actually Worth Investing In

Almost every woman has probably spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on different beauty supplies, treatments and tools over the course of her life. Some of these work great while others just aren’t worth the money spent on them. While supplies and treatments vary from person to person, there are several tools that are pretty universal for all women. Here are 5 beauty tools that you should invest in if you haven’t already:

Let There Be Light

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So many of us have memories of our grandmothers, mothers or big sisters sitting at their vanities doing their makeup. Most of them had some sort of light set up on their vanity or on their bathroom counter. A good set of lights will not only allow you to see your skin better for a more even makeup application, but you will also be able to check your skin for blackheads, wrinkles or any alarming discolorations. You can go with the traditional string lights that can be put up around a mirror or even a smaller handheld vanity mirror with built in lights. These can all vary in price from around $20-$300 depending on the brand and style you choose.

Plus, a good set of vanity lights make for some awesome selfies!

Bye Bye Blackheads

Even if you are beyond your teenage years, perhaps you are still unlucky when it comes to blackheads? One of the best tools you can have in your arsenal for face care is a blackhead removing tool. These work wonders on stubborn blackheads that are on different parts of your body. Blackhead removing tools are relatively inexpensive, even if bought as a kit with several different tools included in one kit, but are very effective!

Curls For Days

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One classic tool that serves many purposes is a good hair curler. Investing in a good curling iron can provide you with a way to change your hairstyle almost every day of the year. YouTube is filled with helpful videos that can teach you new ways to use your curling iron too. The size and brand of wand depend on the type of curls preferred and how much you want to spend. Typically, a good curler will run around $30-$80. If you have a daughter, investing in a quality curler will be worthwhile as well so it will hold up over the course of her childhood.

Let’s Get Organized

Listen, you probably have tons of makeup from eyeshadows to lip liner, but all of that stuff has to have a place to go right? Consider purchasing a good makeup organizer to keep all of your tools, products, and other beauty items in one area. There are so many different styles and sizes of organizers, that you are sure to find one that works for your beauty prep space. From turning organizers to ones that fit in drawers, you may even want to invest in more than one.

Wrap It Up

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No matter the length of your hair, it needs to get out of your way when you are applying makeup or washing your face after a long day of work. In comes a set of great headbands or wraps! Having a variety of headbands or wraps on hand can be extremely useful for getting your hair out of your face for working out, beauty treatments, or for a casual look on a hot summer day. Purchasing washer friendly fabrics are important here! You want to be able to wash them as they will likely get makeup and sweat on them. Have fun with this! There are so many different styles and options to choose from on the market.

5 Beauty Tools Actually Worth Investing In

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