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25 Simple Pasta Party Recipes for a Impromptu Dinner Party

Whether it is a planned Italian night or a last minute Pasta Party for the neighborhood, these simple pasta recipes are easy to make and declious enough for any dinner party!

Pasta makes a great main course at a party as it is something that most people are comfortable with and will like.

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It can also be changed up to fit preferences and easily make to feed a large crowd of people for a tailgate party or to guests at an intimate dinner party.

Keep these easy pasta recipes on hand to make for your next party or potluck

Simple Pasta Recipes for Last Minute Parties

Looking for simple pasta recipes? These are great for last minute parties or get togethers, or busy weeknights!

Some nights are busier than others, and on weeknights when you’re short on time, what’s more perfect than pasta for dinner? These simple pasta recipes will save you a lot of time and sanity on more than one occasion, and they’re guaranteed to be approved by your family!

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